Episode #61 - The Battle of the Badge

Ash and co. are at the gym and Ash says it's been a year since he's last been there when Gary drives by and says that Ash probably doesn't have enough badges to get into the pokemon league, Ash says he has 7 badges, but Gary has 10. Gary demands to battle and charges ahead of Ash to earn another badge. The leader, Giovanni uses Golem first, Gary Nidoking. They both use tackle, but nidoking wins. Then Giovanni uses Kingler and Gary uses Arcanine. He wins again. But then Giovanni wants to show him the most powerful pokemon and uses Mewtwo! The pokedex Gary uses has no info and not even a picture. Gary uses both Nidoking and Arcanine, but of course loses.

Meanwhile outside, the gang are waiting and togepi jumps on Ash, Ash thinking it is pikachu takes him, but when he sees him he trows togepi up in the air and togepi lands on a pole and on to a roof top. Togepi lands on Jame's bumb and he accuses meowth of kicking him, meowth says he wouldn't waste his time on doing so and they get in a fight. Then togepi says 'togepi' and they notice him and try to pick him up to take to the boss. Togepi walks away across a wooden plank and Jesse follows after it, but of course the board breaks and Jesse falls down, Togepi makes it to the other side though.

Misty and the gang are still looking for togepi and Misty is strangling Ash saying it was all his fault. Then they hear a noise saying 'togepi and they turn around and see a door. They open it and it ends up in the gym. They see Gary and all his fans lying on the ground. Ash props Gary up in his arms and asks what happened. He tells him about mewtwo and that it is an evil pokemon.

There has been an accident reported to Giovanni and he has to leave with Mewtwo and leaves Jesse & James in charge of the gym while he is gone. He gives them his pokemon and leaves. Jesse and James go to the gym where everybody is surprising them that Team Rocket has a gym. Ash has to go into some raised balcony thing that when your pokemon feel pain in battle the trainer feels just as much pain. Ash uses Squirtle, but Team Rocket use three pokemon at the same time, Machamp, Kingler, and Rhydon. Squirtle loses making Ash feel lots of pain, he uses bulbasaur with similar results. Pidgeotto then makes Team Rocket feel pain and Meowth has a device to blow away the competition if they're going to lose Gary, sees this and runs after him hitting it out of his hands. Ash then uses pikachu and pikachus thundershock beats all their pokemon. Ash wins and all his pokemon surround him and they hug eachother, Gary sees this and thinks Ash is a pretty good pokemon trainer. Togepi is by the device Gary hit out of Meowth's hands and pressesthe buttons. The gym starts to fall in and Team Rocket won't give Ash his badge, when they are blasted off the badge falls out of Jesse's hand and Ash catches it. When they leave the gym they say good-bye to Gary and are off to the pokemon Misty asks Ash where it is, but Ash doesn't know. Brock suggests professor oak so they are off to Pallet Town to go visit him.