Episode #62 - It's Mr. Mimie Time

Ash is speeding ahead of Misty and Brock trying to keep up with him on their way to Pallet Town. He makes a phone call home, but gets the answering machine. Ash is suddenly stopped when he slams into an invisible wall. Misty and Brock can feel it too, but not see it. Ash looks up and sees a Mr. Mime. It's climbing up the wall. Ash takes out his pokedex and it says it is a rare pokemon with limited info. It is using it's attack panti mime which makes a clear wall. Ash is about to catch it when a female trainer runs in and says please let me catch it. Ash says why should he, but Brock holds him back and he starts to struggle. When they turn around they see Mr. Mime running away. Brock asks why The trainer wants Mr. Mime and she brings them to a pokemon circus which is hers and shows them here Mr. Mime.

She had trained him so hard she said he just gave up yesterday. (Mr. Mime is stuffing his face with popcorn) "I want the Mr. Mime to train and make this one jealous and maybe he'll perform again." Brock then vows to give her a Mr. Mime and says to Ash if I can't catch one I'll make it. Ash asks how he'd make one and then we see inside the circus tent Ash dressed in a big Mr. Mime outfit. He protests, but Misty & Brock talk him into it. The circus owner starts to train Ash and whips him over and over again. Ash now knows how the Mr. Mime felt. After it shows the day of the circus and it is full, Ash walking in like Mr. Mime sees his mom in the stands.

Just as the show starts the lights go out and Team Rocket swings on the trapeze bars while saying their motto. the then steal Ash (Mr. Mime) in their hot air balloon and Meowth says "Good-bye you clowns," and James says, "That's a good one!" In the circus ring Ash's mom comes up to Misty and Brock and says " That was Ash wasn't it?" Misty and Brock say yes, but she isn't worried. She says once Team Rocket finds out Ash isn't a pokemon they'll let him go and invite them home for lunch. They leave saying it was delicious. When they've left the Mr. Mime at the start of the episode is outside the window. Ash's mom thinking it is Ash lets him in and gives him lunch.

Meanwhile Team Rocket are in some cabin saying their plan worked because those bratty kids weren't there to stop them. Ash at this moment breaks out of his ropes he was tied with and takes off the Mr. Mime head. Team Rocket exclaims it's have twerp and half Mr. Mime. Ash says he's Ash and that he's outta here. Ash leaves and takes Team Rockets' hot air balloon leaving them stomping mad below. When Ash reaches home he enters and says "I'm home mom." Ash's mom says "I already know" and looks out in the other room and sees both Mr. Mimes. Ash takes off his Mr. Mime suit and says he's Ash. Ash's mom then says, "No wonder I didn't think you'd eat your food as politely." Ash then falls down as he always does when insulted or made fun of. He then asks Mr. Mime to help the circus out . He doesn't say yes until Ash's mom says I'll make you a good dessert! Team Rocket is at the circus before everybody else and captures everything in their nets except the female trainer and her Mr. Mime. They are running away. Team Rocket aims their net at them, but just before shooting Ash jumps in the way. He orders Pikachu to thunderbolt the tank, (they have to use ut because Ash stole their balloon) It doesn't affect it though because it is made of rubber. Ash then tries Charizard, but he doesn't listen and just lays down on the ground.

The Mr. Mime with Ash's mom then uses his pant mime to stop the truck from running Ash and Pikachu over. The other Mr. Mime is jealous and when Team Rockets turns around he builds a wall on the other side. They keep doing it until Team Rocket in boxed in a whole tower of walls. They fire all their missiles to try and get out, but are blasted off again. The female trainer's Mr. Mime then agrees to go back to circus training and Our Heroes go back to Ash's house for dinner. Mr. Mime stays with Mrs. Ketchum and is helping her make dinner. Misty is teasing Ash about Mr. Mime doing the chores and Ash not and he says he can too.