Episode #63 - Showdown at the Poke-Corral

Ash is woken up in his house in Pallet by a dream tha a giant pokeball is sucking him in which turns out to be Mister Mimie vacuuming his face. Ash is in the same pajamas he was in in the first episode one we should have all seen. He comes downstairs for breakfast and his mom asks if he slept all right. he replies fine except for Mr. Mimie vacuuming him. (Mr Mime is Ash's mom's nickname for Mr. Mime) His mom says that Mr. Mimie vacuums anything that is dirty and Misty says Ash should take a shower more than once a week. Ash's mom then asks Mr. Mime to get some vegetables from the garden and Ash mumbles that used to be my job. Brock then metions visiting Professor Oak and Ash says ahh I almost forgot! They run over to his house and ring the doorbell and they see Gary sitting in a chair. Gary says I tought you'd come here, just a lot later. Professor Oak says that they are the two top trainers out of the four from Pallet Gary with 10 badges and Ash with 8. While he says that gary and Ash point at eachother each thinking he shouldn't be the best. Gary, Professor Oak, and Ash then lecture eachother about the ways to train pokemon. They start to talk about the pokemon league and Gary asks Ash where it is knowing he won't know. Brock tells them that's why they came and Gary says how they meet twice a year in the same spot, right then Ash is down in a begging plead asking him to please tell him where it is. Professor Oak says it is on the Indigo Plateau in two months Professor Oak then shows all the pokemon they have each caught, Gary having over 150, (some the same) and Ash having quite a few, most tauros from the safari zone. then Professor Oak explains how he spends his days and reserches on the pokemon. When he gives Ash and Gary back their pokedex Ash has seen over 100 and Gary has seen 60. Ash is jumping for joy, but Gary says he catches the pokemon first before getting to know it.

Team Rocket has alsmost given up and mumbling we have to get that pikachu, they wonder what the boss will say if he will fire them, but they realize if they quit first hecan't fire them so they say they quit. Then the building they are standing by, (A Team rocket building) Mewtwo blasts out of it flying through the air leaving the building in ruins. The boss sees Jesse and james and asks them what they are doing there. Jesse makes James answer and he says we were just in the neighbourhood. Jesse asks what we can do for him and he says do your job for a change. When he leave Jesse and James start to cry, he has given us so much confidence they wail. then they are more determined than ever to catch pikachu. They arrive at Ash's house to get an attck from Mr. Mimie cleaning them with the vacuum. They pretend they want to tape Ash as a future pokemon star and she tells them He and his friends are at professor Oak's house.

Meanwhile Gary and Ash are just about to battle over their squabble of different techniques in raisning pokemon when Team Rocket comes Professor Oak is astounded by a talking meowth and askes him to talk more, there is a bit of fighting of who says what in the motto, meowth getting stomped on a lot then Ash send out pikachu and Gary is about to send a pokemon out when Ash's herd of Tauros runs them down and blasts them off again. Brock metions they always have a catching exit. When they are gone Ash asks Gary to battle, but this time he refuses. Gar says to train hard and they both say that the other one will lose. Ash says that he is going to practice really hard and then Professor Oak says he can start now and asks him to repare the fence his tauros wrecked, he makes Brock and Misty help and says it will strengthen your friendship and training. Then the episode ends and we all look foward to the Pokemon League!