Episode #65 - The Pi-Kahuna

Half of the residents of Pallet Town decides to head out the Seafoam Islands for a break, and Misty, Brock, and his mother joins the group of enthusiastic holiday-goers. Ash wants to go with them to the Seafoam Islands, but his mother forces him to stay at home to study and to train up for the Pokemon League.

Ash goes to Professor Oak’s lab, and he finds the Professor puzzling over some data, concerning a Slowpoke. Apparently, if a Shellder bites a Slowpoke on the tail, they will both transform into a Slowbrow, which has a spiral shaped shell on it. No one truly understands the mechanics behind this evolution, but Professor Oak has a colleague who is trying to unravel the mystery.

Professor Oak asks Ash if he'd like to visit Professor Westwood, the creator of the Pokedex, and Ash agrees, seeing that the lab is at Seafoam Islands, where his friends are. Ash heads over to Seafoam Islands, and he meets up with Misty and Brock. Together, they journey to Professor Westwood’s laboratory.

At the other end of the beach, Giovanni and Persian are soaking up rays, outside their private beach house. Jessie and James aren’t having so much fun, because they’re being forced to dig up a Shellder for the boss. Suddenly, James hits something hard and when he lifts up his shovel, a Shellder comes flying out.

He sends out his Wheezing and he commands it to tackle the Shellder, thus weakening it. James pulls out a Pokeball, ready to capture the injured Pokemon, but then Jessie pulls out her Pokeball and she throws it at the Shellder, hitting it on its head.

They walk over to the boss, and he tells them that he’s sick and fed up about their attempts to capture Pokemon. He tells them to get it right this time, and they agree. He tells them to go to Professor Westwood’s laboratory and steal of the Pokemon.

Back at the laboratory, Ash and his friends meet Professor Westwood. He shows them his pet Slowpoke, and how he’s studying its habits. They go outside, and Professor Westwood starts fishing. Ash asks him what fishing has to do with Slowpoke, and he tells them that it’s to do with his study on Slowpoke. Slowpoke is also fishing. Ash brings out his Pokedex, and he uses it on Slowpoke. Slowpoke is classified as a ‘dopey’ Pokemon. Misty wonders where she has seen that vacant look on Slowpoke’s face before, and then Psyduck comes out.

As one might expect, Slowpoke is very, very slow. Psyduck relates, and the two become friends. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Team Rocket comes paragliding in, and they attack the laboratory. They demand that Professor Westwood hand over all of his Pokemon, and he tells them that Slowpoke is the only Pokemon that he has got. When Team Rocket see the Slowpoke, they decide to evolve it, and present it to their Boss as a gift. Jessie sends out her Shellder, and she orders it to bite Slowpoke's tail; but Psyduck intervenes, wanting to help its friend. Shellder accidentally clamps down onto Psyduck's head. Psyduck goes berserk, and it uses its Psychic powers on Team Rocket, sending them flying.

Suddenly, Shellder falls back down to earth, snapping onto Slowpoke's tail, which causes it to evolve. Team Rocket come back after Slowbro, still wanting to capture it. The Professor orders Slowbro to use its Mega Punch attack. About 30 seconds later, the command finally reaches Slowbro's brain, and it Mega Punches Team Rocket over the horizon. Professor Westwood finally realizes the mystery about Slowbro. It seems that the evolution is useful and effective to both Pokémon. You see, Slowbro uses the Shellder for balance, so that it can stand up on its hind legs and use its arms. This is why Slowbros know how to use Mega Punch. And, the Shellder clamps onto Slowpokes’ tail, so that it will be able to move around out of water. Ash and his friends bid farewell to the Professor, and they leave.

Psyduck looks a little too vacant, and then they decide to go back so that Psyduck can say good-bye to its friend. Psyduck bids a lengthy farewell to it friend, the length due largely to the fact, that both creatures are very slow...