Episode #66 - Make Room for Gloom!

Ash lives in a nice country house, complete with a sizable garden. His mother asks him to help her trim the bushes; and he sneaks out on her.

Ash and his friends find themselves at a large enclosed garden. It is kept by a girl named Florinda, and her servant, Potter. As Ash co. tours the premises, they are invited to let their Grass Pokémon roam free. Ash sends out Bulbasaur, who runs around, sniffing the various plants. One plant makes it act drunk. Another plant makes it very ill. Florinda takes note, and rushes Bulbasaur to her house, so she can treat it. Florinda has her Gloom squeeze nectar into Bulbasaur's mouth, which cures it of its poisoning. Bulbasaur then takes a liking to Gloom.

Meanwhile, Brock takes a liking to Florinda (big surprise). Brock tells Florinda that his friend will be participating in the Pokémon League, and asks if she will be going as well. Florinda says no, because she doesn't want to put her Gloom at risk. She feels that it is too weak, in its current state, and for some reason, it won't even evolve into a Vileplume, when exposed to a Leaf Stone. Professor Oak appears out of nowhere, and examines her Leaf Stone, discovering that it is fake. He asks who sold it to her, and Florinda gives an accurate description of Team Rocket...

Team Rocket breaks into the garden, in hopes of stealing some Pokémon. There are no Pokémon to steal, but they do run across the plants that Bulbasaur was sniffing, and decide that they are worth snatching. Florinda calls to the Rockets from afar, begging them to stop. Ash is slightly more forward, having Bulbasaur attack them. Meowth hits Ash co. with some stun spore, which he'd harvested from the plants. Everyone is paralyzed, except for Florinda and Gloom, who were standing out of range, on a bridge above everything. Florinda is afraid to let Gloom fight, but Brock coaxes her, telling her that if it doesn't, the Rockets will get away. Gloom uses Double Team, to confuse the Rockets and their Pokémon, then Solar Beams them into oblivion. Florinda verbally thanks Brock, for helping her to discover Gloom's true power. Unfortunately for him, she is in love with her Potter, so anything else is out of the question.