Episode #67 - Lights, Camera, Quack-tion!

Our heros are overlooking a camp site they have chosen so Ash can start training from above on a cliff. When they go down Brock sees a female Pokemon Trainer called Katrina and asks here her name and if she has a boy friend. Misty drag the 'romeo' away and Ash talks to her. She wants to cut the sweet talk and battle. She sends out Raichu and Ash uses Pikachu. Then out of nowhere a net comes down and the screen slowly moves up to reveal Team Rocket holding it. They say We caught Pikachu! They look down and see pikachu unharmed and pikachu says Pika. James repeats Pika dumbfoundedly and looks to see what they caught. they hold of they net to reveal Raichu upside down and Katrina tells Raichu to use Thunderbolt then Mega Kick. When Raichu lands from Mega Kick we hear a voice yell cut and a short fat man says fabulous and says to Pikachu you're in my way and moves him to the side. He says he is a movie director and that would make a fabulous scene in his movie. Jesse asks what a movie director is doing here and he says he's on a talet scout. Jesse and James talk about acting experiances they've had and he says that he is only looking for Pokemon because his next movie is all about Pokemon. He then starts to say Prepare for trouble, no stunt double, then Jesse buts in and says aren't those our lines? He continues and says:

To Protect the movies from devastation
To restore spectical and imagination
To make great ethics of hate and love
To direct the best films you've ever heard of
Clevon Spealbunk
Winner of the Golden Growlithe award for best director at the flea collar festival
Lights, camera, hit your mark when I call action or prepare to fight, That's right!

Misty comes up to Ash and says to him, "Who's he?" Ash says, "I dunno." The director is all mad and says kids these days only care about cartoon shows, (how right he is) Brock says I know who you are you directed my favourite movie I saw what you ate last Tuesday! Katrina says really, I almost saw that! Clevon Spealbunk then introduces one of the main stars wigglytuff, Meowth insults it and gets double slapped badly. then Brock says look at that face, it's hard to believe a Pokemon that cute can be such a brute and he also gets double slapped a lot for that. Everybody wants their Pokemon to get into the movie, Ash tries pikachu, Brock Vulpix, Misty staryu, but psyduck comes out instead. Arbok, Weezing and Meowth try and Katrina's Raichu and a Hitmonlee. They have to dance first and Raichu, Pikachu, Vulpix, psyduck, and Meowth make it to the next round. The next tryout you have to sing. Wigglytuff beats up Meowth, Arbok, and Weezing and Jesse and James say how dare you don't use a Team Rocket pokemon in your movie and send Weezing and Arbok after Clevon. Weezing and Arbok are walking away sulking and Jesse and James run after them. Jigglypuff comes to sing and puts evrybody to sleep and draws on their faces. Ash and Misty wake up and point at eachother's face making and ahh noise. Later it shows the director cleaning of his face saying people, and other things since Psyduck is the only one left he gets the part. he then shows them all a few pictures to summarize his original movie (like Romeo and Juliet) of Psyduck taking Wigglytuff home after their first date and their feuding family and friends. Misty says it doesn't sound original to me and Brock says I love it with tears streaming down his eyes and Ash says similar stuff with tears streaming down his eyes wanting to see it again. they offer to help out with the movie for free and the director excepts.

Meanwhile Jesse and James are trying to cheer Arbok and Weezing up who are still sulking and Jesse says it's a long way up the stairway of stardom and James puts in and there is no elevator! They get Arbok and Weezing to forget about the movie tryouts and head off to make more trouble......

The director wants to shoot the last scene last so he knows how the movie turns out. He gets to groups of Pokemon one lead by pikachu and the other by raichu to be the feuding families and Ash orders pidgeotto to use gust attack to make it windy, Misty orders staryu to use water gun to make it rain and pikachu and raichu use thundershock to create a thunderstorm. Then there is a big fight and wigglytuff and Psyduck rush up to them and pikachu is thrown out of the fight and hits wigglytuff on the head. Wigglytuff is about to beat up pikachu about it when smoke comes up from the ground. Team rocket appears saying their motto infront of the camera pushing eachother out of the way to be infront of the camera. Ass says to the pokemon we can't let them ruin the movie and they move in on Team Rocket and all fight Ash orders them what to do and turns around to see he's on camera. He says Hi I'm Ash from the town of Pallet, then Misty pushes Ash out of the way and says thanks for choosing me as the most beautiful Pokemon Trainer, then Brock puts his face infront of it and says hello ladies. Katrina screems an they all turn to look and Team Rocket has all their pokemon in a net except for Psyduck. Misty says (yells) since you're the only pokemon left you have to save them! Wigglytuff syas wigglytuff over and over again, (to psyduck?) and finally Psyduck uses his confusin power making Jame's hair rise and we finally see he has ears! He blasts Team Rocket off again then falls over from too much psychic power. Wigglytuff runs over and props Psyduck up and Ash says hip hip hooray with everybody saying it with him, (all on tape) and the director runs up and shakes his hand and says fabulous ending, I'm glad I thought of it! Later they are all surrounding a fire and Ash is talking about the pokemon league with Katrina saying how they'll have some good battles there. Ash is depressed at wasting another day, but Misty says that it was good experiance to be in a movie. Then it says there is only a few more weeks till the Pokemon League.