Episode #68 - Go West, Yound Meowth!

Ash, along with his mother, Brock, and Misty, is invited to Hollywood, for the premiere of "Pokémon in Love". When they get there, it is a dump. Team Rocket follows, of course; but Meowth is preoccupied, plagued by bad memories.

Meowth's earliest memories are of being abandoned, and left to starve. He saw a movie about Hollywood, and set out, in hopes of a better life. Once there, he found that a lone Meowth could not survive on the streets. He was taken in by a gang of Meowth, led by a sole Persian, and together, they stole to survive. One day, Meowth came across a pampered female Meowth named Meowthsy. Although Meowth tried hard to woo her, Meowthsy was unimpressed. She explained that she looked to humans for affection, and that she allowed a human to own her, because they bought her nice things and said Meowth was a freak. Meowth was inspired by her remark, and decided that in order to win her love, he would have to become human. Meowth took up residence in the attic of a boarding school. He listened to the humans down below, mimicking their ballet exercises, and mouthing along with their grammar drills. During the night, he studied their books. He learned to walk on his hind legs, though it was quite painful for him, and made him too slow to participate in the gang's food runs. One day, while listening in on the class' grammar lesson, he found that he could speak English. He ran to find Meowthsy, so he could showcase his new skills. Her response? "When you look in the mirror, your reflection is not human. You are simply a Meowth who talks and acts like a human, and such a thing is frightening to me and you will always be a freak." Heartbroken, Meowth left town...

Now, Meowth is back in his old neighborhood, for the first time since joining Team Rocket. He is confronted by his old gang, and learns that Meowthsy is with them, having been abandoned because her human owner got poor and set her on the streets and drove off. Meowth thinks she deserves better, and tries to rescue her from the gang, but Persian attacks him. Meowth and Persian run at each other, claws unsheathed-- Meowth staggers, Persian falls. In the end, Meowthsy goes to Persian, explaining that Meowth reminds her of humans, which she no longer likes and he will always be a freak. Depressed, Meowth leaves town again, swearing that he has no past to speak of, other than his life with Team Rocket.

Meanwhile at the movies... The movie just ended than and only Ash's mom, Misty, Brock and Ash were clapping because they were the only people in the theater along with the director. And the parts when they were in it were cut out. Then Team Rocket comes, does the usual and leaves.