Episode #07 - The Water Flowers of Cerulean City

Ash arrives at Cerulean City, but Misty refuses to enter. But Ash went on. Ash arrives at a crime sceen, where a massive vacuum and a giant hose were stolen from a shop. Anyway, headed towards the gym. Brock went away for a while to get some "stuff", and is still a mystery today. In the gym, he met three girls, which were all the gym leaders. They don't battle anymore, because three trainers from Pallett have beat them, and their Pokemon are all at the Pokemon Center. All they have is Goldeen. Just when Daisy, one of the girls was about to give Ash a free badge, Misty comes to battle him. Misty says she was the three girls' sister, and had the right to battle. Staryu beat Butterfree, and Pidgeotto beat Starmie. Then Team Rocket came and sucked up all the water in the gym with a huge vacuum. Ash realized it was Team Rocket who had stolen the massive vacuum and a giant hose. Pikachu saved the day with a thunder shock, and Ash got his second badge.