Episode #70 - The Ancient Puzzle of Pokemopolis

Ash and his friends are enjoying their time in the mountains. Brock releases Vulpix, allowing it to battle with Pikachu, but Jigglypuff gets in their way, and at the last minute, both Pokemon must redirect their attacks, so not to hit Jigglypuff. They end up firing on the side of the mountain, and the explosion uncovers the entrance to an ancient temple. A girl named Eve runs to them, and picks up a small, golden artifact from the blast site. She is an archeologist, and along with her crew, is gathering relics, from a time when giant Pokémon--Pokégods, if you will--were worshipped by humans.

In her trailer, she has several artifacts already, including a Psyduck statue, and a golden spoon. She also has a stone which looks like a tombstone,and says somthing about the earth and the Pokegods destroying there temple and someday the earth.

Night falls, and Team Rocket sneaks into the temple, hoping to find some treasure for themselves. Jessie sends out Arbok to go inside the temple and get the most priceless piece he can find. Arbok discovers something that resembles a bow tie, but as soon as it touches it, it is sucked inside. The "bow tie" then chases after Jessie, James, and Meowth, capturing them as well. In the morning, Eve finds the bow tie lying on the ground. One of her men touches it, and he is absorbed.

The air around the relic begins to shimmer, and an enormous Gengar comes into view, Gengar has black things all over his body. Ash and friends and Eve find cover in the trailer, but the rest of Eve's crew is absorbed by the monster. The monstrous Gengar turns away from the excavation site, and starts towards Pallet Town. Desperate to save his friends and family, Ash sends his out Pidgeotto, and Brock sends out Onix to combat the Gengar... but it absorbs them all.

Meanwhile, back in Eve's trailer, the spoon, and the relic that Ash found begin to glow. They touch, and a giant Alakazam is released. Alakazam and Gengar immediately begin to fight, and the Pokégods' immense power begins to tear the sky apart. Eve recalls some hieroglyphic tablets she found at the site, which described how the Pokégods had the power to destroy the world. The kids realize that they must stop the Pokégods, at all costs.

As if on cue, Jigglypuff appears, and the kids realize that she can sing the Pokégods to sleep. Jigglypuff approaches the fighting monsters, and sings its lullaby, but it is too small, and can not be heard. As Jigglypuff continues to sing, a fourth relic, sitting atop the temple's entrance, begins to glow. It floats over to where Alakazam and Gengar are fighting, and a giant Jigglypuff pops out!

The Jigglypuff begins to sing, using the relic as its microphone, but however this jigglypuff has a very deep voice. Soon, everyone is asleep. Enraged, Jigglypuff pops the cap off the relic, revealing an old fashioned ink brush... When Ash co. awakens, they find the Pokégods gone, and the absorbed people freed. Eve decides that there are some forces that humans should not meddle with, and resolves to leave the artifacts in their resting place.