Episode #73 - Round One - Begin!

On the T.V. Ash's Mom, Professor Oak and lots of others from Pallet are surrounding the T.V. and they see Ash, Misty & Brock at the Pokemon League. Ash is going to check in at the Pokemon League and a pretty girl at the counter checks him in. Brock says while you check in I'll check out her beautiful smile. The girl is about to assign Ash's first area to battle when Brock cuts in to show off and says the four fields rock, grass, water & ice and Ash asks how he knew that. He shows a book called the Pokemon League handbook and he's been reading up on it. Ash gets assigned on the water field for his first match and is against a trainer called Mandy. Meanwhile Team Rocket is interviewing trainers asking them what pokemon people have to see if they have rare ones they can steal.

Mandy is meanwhile doing tricks for some children and when Team Rocket asks to interview him he asks what network they are from. Team Rocket makes up LCD, Lovely Charming Network and Mandy refuses to do an interview saying he only does it for networks that actually get viewers. Jessie wants to kill the guy, but James and Meowth hold her back saying that she'll blow their cover. Later Misty offers Ash her pokemon to use on the water field. Ash refuses saying he'll use his own pokemon. They run into Gary and he wants Ash to win some battles so he can have the satisfaction of beating him. Ash says and I thought I was confident and Gary leaves. Ash is then called to the phone on the loud speakers and has a call from his mom.

She says she saw him on T.V. and reminds him to wear clean you know what and Ash is so happy he says I'll do whatever you say. Professor Oak then talks to him asking if he wants any of his pokemon maybe Krabby to use in the battles. Ash wants Krabby to use in the water field and is transported to him. He says good-bye and walks with Brock and Misty and meets his competition Mandy on the way. he offers to shake his hand, but Mandy refuses saying Ash wil lose and leaves. Misty and Brock are annoyed at him and think he's pretty low down and want Ash to win. Brock then says he should take Misty's pokemon and that Krabby has no experiance at all battling. They then see on a T.V. Gary being interviewed after winning his battle on the ice field. He says you have to be either a winner or a loser and the trainers he knows are real losers.

Ash is mad saying I'll show you. Later when it is about time to battle Misty says to Ash you're shaking and Ash says it's the stadium not him and Brock says I just want a chocolate shake. The battle then begins and Mandy sends out Execcutor. Ash uses Krabby. Team Rocket momently interupts them cheering for Ash until Officer Jenny comes and arrests them. Jessie shouts I want my lawer and James says I want my mommy. On the sidelines Brock is saying that is the Nurse Joy from so and so and same with the Officer Jennys. Misty says you can tell them apart? and Brock goes on and on on the differences of each one.

In the battle Krabby beats Exeggutor and evolves into Kingler. He then beats Mandy's Seadra and Golbat. Ash does a dance with Pikachu in the trainer's box and the crowd cheers for him. Watching T.V. at Professor Oak's place Ash's mom says my little baby did it! Team Rocket is all surprised that the twerp actually did it. Brock reads from his League book that the trainer is supposed to show dignity and restraint, but Ash is jumping up and down saying mom I hope you're taping this front of news reporters.