Episode #74 - Fire and Ice

Ash wins his second battle in the rock arena, as Squirtle defeats Nidorino with a powerful skull bash attack.

After battle, Ash decides to go off to find something to eat as he and Pikachu are both starved. He leaves his other Pokémon behind to eat as well, although Misty and Brock feel he should've taken them to a Pokémon Center. They catch up with Ash, Poké-balls in hand, to tell Ash to take them to the center, but they can't because the center is full up. After deciding to go looking for another center, Ash spots a restaurant. He arrives inside to find there is plenty food there, except he has no money. Fortunately, they are offering free meals to participants in the Pokémon League and Ash gets the food for free.

After a nice meal, and another close call for Togepi (where Pikachu saves the day as usual) They head out to notice Brock is missing. They find him out on the street watching all the Nurse Joys and Officer Jenny's passing by. Then then find a finger from the alley summoning them. They discover a hidden Pokémon Center, or so they think. Ash gives in his Pokémon, before noticing that Brock isn't reacting the way he should when a Nurse Joy is around.

They discover it is Team Rocket and they are getting away with Ash's Pokémon. The center turns into their balloon and they start to float away, until Onix stops them and brings back Ash's Pokémon. Then after piercing their balloon, are let off to blow away.

Back in the competition, in the ice arena, Ash is winning, until the competitor calls out an Arcanine. The battle is hard as Arcanine melts the ice all around leaving Pikachu no place to run, but Pikachu dives, shocks, and wins the battle.