Episode #75 - The Fourth Round Rumble

Gary is battling his fourth match of the Pokémon League. His Nidoking is battling against a Golem. After a little fighting, Nidoking is defeated and Gary is out of the Pokémon League. This defeat makes Ash nervous that he too may lose his fourth battle. Brock tells him not to give up, and so he doesn't.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket are trying selling things to get money. They seem to be good at it as they sell out of official Pokémon League badges, well, Meowth is up to his usual tricks and they aren't official, he is in fact making them out of bottle caps, but they sure sell well anyway.

They decide to try a distraction with some fake Pikachu being taken away by there balloon, a couple of Officer Jenny's spot the balloon and Growlithe takes it down. Jessie and James were going to use the distraction to allow them to steal all the spectators Pokémon with a vacuum. The Jenny's notice there vacuum and ticket it. Team Rocket run for cover and disguise themselves as snack salesmen and start selling hot-dogs and ice-cream.

Ash enters his last arena before he can battle in the Indigo arena. His opponent Ginette Fisher starts with a Beedrill. Ash fights the Beedrill with his Bulbasaur. After a few close calls, leech seeds it to death (well, till it faints) and wins. Next, Bulbasaur battles Scyther. Again it's close, but Bulbasaur wins again. Then, Ginette brings out a Bellsprout. Ash believes it is going to be an easy win, but surprisingly to everyone, Bellsprout defeats Bulbasaur. Ash sends Pikachu to take care of Bellsprout, but poor Pikachu is knocked out cold by Bellsprout's thin, twig arm. Luckily, before battle, Ash had gotten his Muk and this was his last hope for this match. Muk proves to be invulnerable to Bellsprout's attacks. Muk moves towards the helpless Bellsprout and smothers it. Ash has won his 4th match, and it's on to the central Indigo arena.

After the match, Jessie and James found they had a successful day, and sold many hot-dogs and ice-cream, they are quite pleased with their ability to sell. In the end, they made up a motto about food.