Episode BANNED - The Legend of Dratini

While still wandering around the Safari Zone, Ash and his friends stumble upon the Wardens cabin. The Warden is a rather unfriendly fellow with a hot-headed temper, but when he was younger he was famous for having found the rarest of Pokemon; Dratini! Despite the Wardens violent temper, Ash and the others get some Safari Balls and a few other necessary items that they will need to legally catch Pokemon in the Safari Zone. Of course, Team Rocket wants a little bit of the action - unfortunately for them the Warden drives them away with his quick temper, and even faster pistols, but not for too long...

Ash and Brock travel through the plains of the Safari Zone in hopes of finding some good Pokemon to catch. However, every time Ash throws a Safari Ball at a Pokemon a Tauros comes flying by and becomes captured. Ash's luck persists throughout the episode until he catches more than 30 Tauros! Meanwhile, Team Rocket ambushes the Warden in his cabin, they try to get information about Dratini's whereabouts through torture... and what torture it is! They make him listen to Meowth Sing!

Misty tries her hand at fishing, but with the same luck as Ash she gets nearly nothing. The Warden finds Ash and friends and asks for their help. The Warden tells Ash that Team Rocket knows where Dratini is hiding and he heads off to stop them. Team Rocket having already been unsuccessfully with trying to catch Dratini they become fed up. They have a plan to bow Dratini onto land through explosives.

Ash and the Warden dive in to stop the explosion - the warden can't go far enough, but Ash reaches the bomb. Ash runs out of air but is rescued by Dragonair... the evolved form of Dratini! Team Rocket falls victim to their own trap and is sent blasting off... again. The Warden is reunited with his old friend, Dragonair (formerly Dratini,) and everyone becomes happy that they are all safe. Ash and the gang leave the Safari Zone, but not before he sends all of those Tauros back to Professor Oak... and he wasn't very happy I grant you that!

This episode was probably dubbed already. It was not shown because of the stupidest reason: The warden was shooting pistols at Team Rocket for a few seconds. The shooting wasn't even real, it just looked like fire crackers, and not a single thing was injured.