Episode BANNED - Electric Soldier Porygon

Ash and his friends are traveling when Pikachu complains that he wants to take a little rest. They bring Pikachu to a Pokemon Center - in the Pokemon Center they find that they are having trouble with the Pokeball teleporter, it's out of order. After a brief rest the group goes to a mansion, home to Professor Akihabara, the person that created the teleportation system. The Professor forces Ash and his friends to be teleported in a giant Pokeball Teleporter, while trapped he explains that he found some "strange people" broke into the mansion and stole a prototype Pokemon, Porygon. This is the reason that the Pokeball teleporters are offline at the Pokemon Center. Professor Akihabara sends a non-prototype Porygon into the network to help Ash and his friends.

Ash and the others come out through a worm hole in the computer system, unluckily for them they find themselves falling several feet until Porygon (non-prototype) saves them. As they are flying they see the sinister Team Rocket; they are the ones causing all this havoc (as usual). Being on the spot, Team Rocket tries to fend off Porygon by sending the prototype after them. While battle is taking place Ash and the gang try to remove the barricades that are blocking the teleporter highway.

Back at the Pokemon Center, Nurse Joy has hired a computer technician to put an anti-virus into the system, which unfortunately cant tell the difference between a computer bug and a human. Team Rocket gets hit by the anti-virus program, taking out their Porygon (prototype), and Ash and the others save the real Porygon and escape before they are attacked by the anti-virus.

This episode was not shown because it gave over 700 Japanese kids seizures from the bright flashing of the colors red and blue. This episode has already been dubbed and they slowed down the frame rate, but 4KIDs does not want to take any chances, so it was not aired, and won't ever be.