Episode S2 - Snow Way Out

This episode starts with Ash, Misty, Brock, and Pikachu walking happily down a road ( How familiar). Up ahead, the road splits into two! Ash chose to go right but that leads right up to a mountain! Ash saids he isn't scared of a little snow.

Later, we see them covered in snow and Misty is yelling at Ash for leading them up the mountain. There was so much iron on the mountain that the needle on Brock's compass was spinning like crazy! Ash let Pidgeotto out to see if there was a road, and there was. And so, Pidgeotto led them.

Meanwhile, we see Team Rocket in a clearing and James and Meowth are complaining about having to go up the mountain for Pikachu. Jessie is dacing around merrily(!) and singing. James asked why she's so happy and Jessie tells them that snow reminds her of one of the few good things in her wretched childhood (we seem to know more about Team Rocket's past). She used to have a " Snow-gasbord" made once every year. A "Snow-gasbord" is a variety of food made from snow!

Back to Ash. A strong wind is blowing at our heroes. Suddenly, Pikachu flies out of Ash's hands and Ash goes and chases it! He follow Pikachu's voice and and finds him hanging on the edge of a cliff!!! Ash sends out Bulbasaur who pulls Pikachu up safely.

The storm is getting severe so they have to spend the night. Charmander burns a big hole in the snow and they all go in it. Next they sealed up the hole. To stay warm, They all gathered around Charmander's flame. When the flame got smaller, Ash thought if the pokemon returns to their pokeballs, they'll be warm. Pikachu wants to stay but Ash put him in his pokeball(!!!!!!). Ash wrapped the balls in his jacket and left himself cold. Later, all the pokemon popped out of their balls and started hugging Ash.

In the morning, they got out of the hole and found Brock and Misty. Misty told Ash that Brock's Onix found a hot spring!!!! The show ends with Team Rocket in the hot spring trying to get out. When they stand up, it's too cold. When they sit down, it's too hot.