Episode #157 - A Dairy Tale Ending

The episode starts with Ash and friends in the Goldenrod Pokemon Center. Pikachu, Totodile, and Cyndaquil are hospitalized after a crushing defeat by Whitney. The Pokemon come out all better and after a minute of them reuniting Whitney enters. She picks up Pikachu and takes them to a mystery place she knows they will like.

It turns out to be a Miltank farm owned by her uncle. They enter the barn and try Miltank dairy products that they love. A quick scene change leads us to Team Rocket limping on walking sticks moaning about thier most recent defeat. They see the farm and plot to steal the Miltank products. Whitney catches them and blasts them off into a nearby forest, with the help of Miltank. Ash is offered a favor by Whitney's uncle and he asks to learn more about Miltank. They end up having to brush Miltank and Ash angers one by grabing it's tail.

Then they head up the hill to train. Team Rocket comes back for revenge in a giant barrel with arms. At the end of saying their motto, Meowth said: "Milk it, baby!" They snatch Miltank and Ash starts to fight back. He has Cyndaquil tackel the barrel and send it spinning. Then Totodile builds ditches with his Water Gun attack. The barrel falls into it Pikachu and Miltank are set free and a thunderbolt does Team Rocket in. Whitney now offers Ash a favor and he requests a rematch right then, right there.

After his last defeat Misty and Brock are doubtful due to Miltank's rollout attack. Ash sends out Cyndaquil who wears Miltank out but is soon defeated. Then Totodile repeats the performance with the barrel by digging ditches with water gun. Then it's Pikachu's turn he hides in a ditch and as Miltank rolls over he jumps propelling Miltank into the air. A thunderbolt finishes the match. The Plain Badge is awarded and the show ends.

By: Sean