Episode #173 - The Trouble With Snubble

Ash and friends are resting by a river, when Ash and Pikachu see a Snubbull trot into some nearby bushes. He's certain that it's Madam Muchmoney's Snubbull because it has ribbons on its ears.

Team Rocket is also in the woods, still hungry. The Snubbull sees them and immediately clamps onto Meowth's tail. Meowth complains, but Jessie tries to tell him that he should feel lucky that such a cute Pokemon loves him. Meowth's reply is that he hates this Snubbull, surprising the Snubbull so much that Mewoth is able to fling it off his tail and into the trees.

The gang runs through the woods looking for the Snubbull, and finds an exhausted man wearing a backpack. They give him some water, then recognize him as Madam Muchmoney's butler. He says that he and Madam had been travelling and split up in search of food. At that moment, Madam herself swings down from a vine and greets them, inviting them for lunch.

After a hearty mushroom soup, Madam explains that she was very worried when her Snubbull didn't come home, and decided to take Jeeves and search the world for it. In so doing, she developed quite a tough physique. Brock comments that now that Madam is stronger, she can become a good role model as a trainer. Ash asks Pikachu to sniff out Snubbull's trail and they all resume the search.

Nearby, the dejected Snubbull sits on a rock and imagines Meowth apologizing for what he said. Then it sees a tail in the bushes, and thinking it's Meowth, chomps on it. Unfortunately the tail belongs to a Primeape, which pounds Snubbull into the ground and runs off. Madam and the gang arrive moments later and rush Snubbull to a Pokemon Center.

Nurse Joy announces that the Snubbull will be fine. Brock flirts with her, only to have Misty drag him away by the ear. Madam mentions that her estate is being remodeled to make a natural playground for herself and Snubbull, but the Snubbull doesn't seem interested. That night, Snubbull gazes outside at the moon and remembers Meowth. Nurse Joy comes in to check on it, but it's gone.

In the morning, Team Rocket is in town. Jessie scolds Meowth about being mean to Snubbull, but Meowth doesn't care. They hear Madam and Ash calling for Snubbull, hide as the gang runs by, then come up with a plan to find Snubbull and get a large reward. However, the plan involves Meowth being tied to a tree while the others call out the Snubbull. Snubbull finds them all right, but doesn't look happy. Before their eyes, it evolves into a Granbull!

Jessie and James attempt to defend themselves, but Granbull mistakes Arbok's tail for Meowth's and chomps on it. Meowth frees himself and calls up a giant Meowth-shaped robot which Team Rocket tries to use to capture the Granbull.

Madam and the gang arrive, and Madam recognises the ribbons on the Granbull. Team Rocket pretends to be nice and they make up a story that they found Madam's Snubbull for her. Madam and her butler try to pick up the Granbull, but now Granbull refuses to let go of the robot Meowth's tail. Meowth activates an electric shock through the tail, sending Madam and butler flying, but Granbull hangs on.

Angry, Team Rocket abandons their reward plan and demand Pikachu. Ash attacks with Cyndaquil, causing Meowth to accidentally fire the tail missile. The tail shoots up, with Granbull still attached, but Madam rescues Granbull and realises that her "little precious" has become tougher than she thought. Madam commands Granbull to attack the robot, sending it spinning out of control, and Pikachu finishes the job. Team Rocket blasts off again.

Madam now understands that she and Granbull can be a great combination, and the kids agree that both have evolved in some ways. The butler offers to bring the car, but Madam and Granbull insist on running home.

By: Audrey