Episode #174 - Ariados, Amigos!

Ash, Brock, Pikachu, Misty are by a beautiful mountain lake, Ash and Pikachu were rubbing their faces with the water, while Brock was cooking a meal. Ash asked where Misty was, and Brock said she had took a walk. Misty had picked a few flowers, and put one in her hair, Misty asks Togepi how it looks, and Togepi replies happily. Togepi starts walking off, and trips on a rock. Misty picks up Togepi to make sure he is not hurt, Togepi is unharmed. Then Misty walked on, then she saw someting in a bush, it looked like thorns. Then Misty Screamed, then Ash, Brock and Pikachu came. Ash and Brock couldn't see anything, but then Misty explained it was something inside the bush. Pikachu brushed away the bushes, and found a sleeping Ariados.

Ash got out his Pokedex, and looked up Ariados. Then a voice in the tree said, "I' ve found you Ariados. Someone jumps down, and it is Iya, Koga's Sister! Brock flirts with her, and then a voice said, "Start the Test." Then Iya with her Venonat starts attacking Ariados. Venonat starts things off with Stun Spore, Ariados uses String Shot to jump onto a tree and gets away from Stun Spore. Then Ariados ran off down the path Iya and Venonat chased after it. Ash, Brock, Misty and Pikachu started chasing after Iya.

They find her and the battle is still going. Ariados is still navigating the trees with String Shot. When Ariados is on a tree, Venonat uses Poison Sting and cuts the String, thus knocking Ariados down on the ground. Then Venonat flew into a Tackle attack and Ariados got up. Then Venonat got caught in a Spider Web.

Then a Man comes out of the bushes and Ash complains to him about attacking Iya, but then Iya says that he is her Pokemon Tutor. Then the man takes them to a Pokemon learning place. The man and the three talk. Then Iya comes and says she made some tea. ThenBrock says about Iya being a Tutor for Brock. Then he sends out Pineco and it uses Selfdestruct. Ash, Misty and Brock are in different colour clothes. Ash in red, Misty in blue, and Brock in yellow. They go in different classes. Misty is with a teacher and a Spinarak on a table. Then Spinarak uses String Shot and covers Misty's face!

Then they show Brock's class next. The teacher asks who wants to go first. Brock comes up and has to pop all of the balloons, Brock orders Spikes and pops all the balloons. Then Pineco explodes!

Then they show Ash's Class. There are two people battling with a Hypno and Houndour. Hypno uses Hypnosis but Houndour counters it by using Smog. Then Houndour uses Faint Attack, Hypno sees it and then Houndour dissapears from left to right and uses a Flamethrower, then Hypno faints. Then Ash battles Iya. Ash uses Bulbasaur and Iya uses Venonat. Bulbasaur uses Vine Whip and Iya orders Venonat to avoid it. But it hits Venonat and then hits Venonat with Leech Seed. Then Iya orders it to use Supersonic and confuses Bulbasaur, then Venonat uses Tackle. Ash tells Bulbasaur to move, and it uses it's Vines to bounce into the air. Then it catches Venonat with Vine Whip and throws it. Then Venonat faints.

Team Rocket are peeking with their Binoculars, then Wobbuffet comes out again, then Meowth pushes down Wobbuffet. They agree to steal the Pokemon in the training yard.

Ash, Misty and Brock are in bed now. Then Pikachu spots Iya with Venonat. Ash looks, and it seems she is improving Venonat's Speed. Ash and Pikachu come out to see Iya. Then Venonat runs, Ash and Iya follows Venonat and come to the building, then all the lights come on, with people saying, "My Pokemon are gone!" Ash and Iya run on, then Brock and Misty come along as well. Then the Tutor and Ariados run along past them. Then fireworks come up and Team Rocket appear and they say their modo. Then Wobbuffet comes out. The four of them are dressed up in Magic show Costumes. Jessie returns Wobbuffet to his Pokeball. Then Jessie says a few words and the balloon comes up with a bag of Pokeballs. Then she says it's the end of the show. Team Rocket start to float away. Ash starts to chase after them but at that moment they grab Pikachu.

The machine comes up and catches Pikachu in a cage. Then the Tutor and Ariados go. The Tutor jumps into the air and a kite comes out of three wood logs. Then Ariados uses web from it's back to keep the kite up. Then Ash, Misty, Brock, Iya and Pikachu chase after the balloon. The Tutor follows Team Rocket. Then he throws things and plucks holes in the balloon. Then Jessie sends out Arbok and Arbok uses Poison Sting on the kite. The kite rips up, then he throws some more of the black stars and cuts the Pokeball net off the balloon, then the Tudor catches the net. The Tutor is heading down. Ash and the others arrive there. Iya asks the Tutor to drop the Pokeballs. The Tutor does. Brock catches them, and then they start chasing them again. The balloon crashes, and Pikachu goes flying. Ash runs after him, and Pikachu lands in a tree. Ash climbes up and gets him. The Tudor had fallen and hurt himself. But then Team Rocket come, Iya fights them.

Venonat uses Stun Spore but Arbok dodges it. Then both Arbok and Venonat use Poison Sting, they collide, but then Arbok's Poison Sting goes to hit Venonat. Venonat dodges it though. Iya tells Venonat to rest. Arbok uses Wrap on Venonat, but then Iya orders a Stun Spore and Venonat paralyzes Arbok. Arbok gets up a bit. But then Venonat uses Tackle and knocks Arbok on Team Rocket. Then Ash comes in, Jessie and James get their Pokeballs, but before they send them out, Pikachu uses Thunderbolt and blasts them into the night sky.

It is now Morning, and Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu leave. Brock cries again while they wave goodbye, Meanwhile, Jessie, James and Meowth are hanging on a web above a giantic canyon. Then Wobbuffet comes out and grabs Jessie, then the web breaks and they fall into the Canyon!

By: Andrew Brooks