Episode #175 - Wings 'n Things!

Our three friends are walking along when they spot a Yanma. It steals Ash's cap and flies away with it. They all chase it, and find a dark-haired boy who catches the Yanma and makes it give the hat back. His name is Zachary Evans, he apologizes for his Yanma's behaviour, it's often causing trouble. The Yanma gets out of his grip and escapes again.

As Yanma flies into town, everyone hides and shutters their windows. It stops in front of a baker's shop, and a powerful blast from its wings breaks the windows. Zach arrives and finally catches Yanma in its Pokeball but the baker is angry and drags Zach off to see his father. Ash and friends follow.

It turns out that Zach's dad runs a glassmaking business. After apologizing to the baker, Mr. Evans tells Zach that the Yanma is a danger to the town and his business and Zach has to get rid of it.

Zach tells the gang how he and his dad found the injured Yanma a few months ago and helped it recover. Unfortunately it ended up breaking all the glass in the shop. Zach tried to train it but it won't listen. Soon Zachary decides that it's best to let Yanma go. They all go into the woods, Zach leaves Yanma on a tree stump, and runs away crying. Misty and Brock try to console him, then he realized that he can't leave his friend behind. They go back to where they left Yanma but it's gone.

Team Rocket is nearby, they see the Yanma and catch it with a rope. It tries to fly away, and the blast from its wings breaks the windows of a shed. Jessie comes up with a plan to use the Yanma to get some cash. Meowth runs through town with the Yanma on a rope behind him, and all the windows break. Then Jessie and James in disguise arrive with a cart, selling glass. The people are impressed although one asks why they have the glass in an ice-cream cart. Their smooth reply is that they specialise in frosted windows. The townspeople buy their glass.

Later, Team Rocket celebrates outside of town with a bag of money. They had actually been selling sheets of ice instead of glass. Jessie takes a doughnut snack away from Yanma, which becomes sad and remembers Zachary.

Ash and friends are looking for Yanma. Zach goes back to town and asks a group of people if they've seen Yanma, but they're angry. They tell him about his Yanma breaking the glass and two con artists selling sheets of ice, and accuse him of being part of their plan. Despite Zach's denials, he gets dragged away.

At the local Pokemon Center, everyone is admiring the unfinished stained-glass window on the front. It turns out that Mr. Evans is making it. He knows Zach loves the Yanma but it's so much trouble. Nurse Joy says that Yanma are difficult to train, especially for beginners. Then the baker arrives with Zach and explains what happened, which Zach still denies.

Then they all see Meowth pulling Yanma behind him, followed by Team Rocket, and the truth is out! Chikorita and Polywhirl are ready to fight but Mr. Evans doesn't want the battle to damage his window. Ash and Misty have to stand by as Arbok puts the squeeze on their Pokemon. Zach tries to recall his Yanma and it finally obeys him. Now our heroes can fight back!

Mr. Evans then suggests to Zach that he use Yanma to battle. If Yanma learns that what it does is really an attack, it might be able to control it. If the window gets broken, then he'll make another. Happy, Zach has Yanma attack Team Rocket, and it soon gets the hang of its power. A team effort of Chikorita, Polywhirl, and Yanma sends Team Rocket blasting off. The bag of money falls to the ground. The baker apologizes to Zach for accusing him while Mr. Evans finishes the window on the Pokemon Center.

By: Audrey