Episode #178 - Houndoom's Special Delivery

The gang see a Pokemon running through the hills, and the Pokedex identifies it as a Houndoom, the evolved form of Houndour. It's carrying a bag on its back, making Brock think that it has an owner. Misty comments that it looks like it's delivering something.

Team Rocket is close by with their balloon, Jessie is angry that they haven't been doing their job lately. They notice Ash and friends below, and decide to sneak attack. Ash and Pikachu fight back, but in the confusion Misty trips and drops Togepi. When Togepi is threatened by Weezing, it uses its Metronome to teleport high into a tree.

Pikachu and Chikorita make short work of Team Rocket, but Misty is concerned about Togepi, so they all search. Meanwhile the Houndoom hears Togepi crying in the tree and helps it get down. After fetching it an apple, the Houndoom prepares to depart only to rush back when Togepi is threatened by a wild Pinsir. Houndoom drives the Pinsir away, and when Togepi tries to follow him, he takes Togepi on his back. By now, Misty is wondering if Togepi got carried away by a wild Pokemon and gets upset. Brock and Ash send Golbat and Noctowl to search from the air.

Houndoom crosses a river after a narrow escape from a Gyarados. Togepi wanders away and tries to climb a cliff but slips, forcing the Houndoom to save it and carry it up to the top where they find a field of flowers with a lot of grass and bug Pokemon playing. Togepi goes to play with them but accidentally wakes up a Venusaur, and it sprays a Sleep Powder on the Houndoom when he tries to defend Togepi. The gang finds Togepi's footprints alongside another set of prints and follows them, eventually finding the field. However the Houndoom has already moved on, carrying Togepi.

Team Rocket reappears with their balloon repaired, but the patch is leaking air and they crash into the forest next to the river. The Gyarados is angry about being disturbed again and blasts them off a second time with a water attack.

Togepi and Houndoom continue their journey, and take shelter in a hollow tree during a rainstorm. When the weather clears, they catch a glimpse of Raikou in the mist. By the time Houndoom reaches his destination, an elderly shepherd with his flock of Mareep, Togepi is sound asleep on his back.

Ash and friends are still following the trail of footprints. Finally they catch up and Misty and Togepi are reunited! They speak to the man, who explains that he had sent his Houndoom to town on an errand, and the Houndoom brought the Togepi back to him.

Team Rocket puts in a third appearance, capturing the Houndoom in a net, but Chikorita cuts Houndoom free. Jessie sends out Arbok and James releases Victreebell, which chomps him before leaping down and threatening Misty. Houndoom takes the Victreebel out as Pikachu deals with Arbok, then Houndoom sends Team Rocket blasting off once more with a Flamethrower attack.

The shepherd gives the kids directions to where they want to go, and Togepi gives a tearful farewell to its new friend Houndoom before they depart.

By: Audrey