Episode #180 - From Ghost to Ghost

The three friends are at the local Pokemon Center waiting for Ash's Pokemon to be checked out. The Pokedex doesn't have much information on Gengar, but Nurse Joy suggests that Ash use Noctowl as his "secret weapon". When they arrive at the Gym, Morty is teaching a class about ghost Pokemon and tells Ash he wants them to observe the match.

Team Rocket is up in their balloon. James still has the treasure detector, which he has used to find many collectable bottle caps. It signals as they float over the towers, so they all agree to investigate. Once on the ground they look through a window to see Ash preparing to battle, and decide to catch Pikachu after they find the treasure.

The match begins, it's a three-on-three, Ash is allowed to make substitutions but Morty can't. Ash brings out Noctowl first to face Morty's Gastly. The Gastly ends up being too fast for Noctowl to hit, and Ash switches to Pikachu, saving Noctowl for later.

Jessie and Meowth watch, and James tells them his detector found a lot of treasure in a house next door. They look through the house but are surprised by several Gastly.

Morty's Gastly easily defeats Pikachu, and Ash chooses Cyndaquil. Gastly is tired, having fought two Pokemon already, and Cyndaquil has little problem defeating it. However, Morty selects Haunter, which uses Mean Look to render Cyndaquil unable to return to its PokeBall until the match is over! Misty thinks this is unfair, but Brock says it's a legal move. Ash refuses to give up. Cyndaquil puts up a good fight but Haunter eventually knocks it out, forcing Ash to bring back Noctowl.

In the other room, the Gastly are providing Team Rocket with visions of food.

Noctowl becomes confused by Haunter's attacks, but throws off the effects by using Tackle attack as Haunter is about to power up a Nightshade move. Its crest begins to glow, it has learned Confusion! One attack is all it takes to defeat Haunter, and Morty releases Gengar.

Gengar keeps the pressure on, attacking Noctowl while staying invisible. However Ash has Noctowl send its Confusion through the whole Gym, revealing the Gengar's location and enabling Noctowl to win the match. Ash is officially presented with the Fog badge, and the three friends depart.

By: Audrey