Episode #181 - Trouble's Brewing

Ash, Misty, and Brock are sitting down to dinner and trying to decide where to head next, since they are the same distance from two Johto League gyms. Misty notices a poster depicting a tea ceremony, and Ash comments that ceremonies are boring. An Eevee appears and Misty falls in love with it, however Brock thinks that it has an owner because it has been groomed.

The Eevee's owner arrives, apologizing for any trouble that her Eevee might have caused, and introduces herself as Sakura. Misty asks her about the tea ceremony, and she replies that she'd be happy to take them to see it because she participates in it.

Sakura dresses up for the ceremony, and Brock gets crushes on four different girls before Misty eventually pulls him away by the nose. Brock is starry-eyed throughout the whole ceremony and Ash is bored. Afterwards Sakura introduces them to her four sisters, who turn out to be the girls from earlier. Brock is stunned. They call themselves the "Four Beautiful Tea Ceremony Sisters" and Sakura protests. She's a sister but not beautiful like the others. Misty sympathises, having been through the it with her own sisters.

Team Rocket is nearby, also bored with the ceremony. They try to eat all the tea biscuits but get kicked out. The four sisters confront them and they reveal themselves, attacking with Arbok. The sisters release their Pokemon: Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, and Umbreon. Sakura's Eevee gets injured, but Ash and Misty have Totodile and Poliwhirl send Team Rocket blasting off.

Later, Sakura and Misty talk about Pokemon. Sakura is envious, she wants to journey to the Johto League and asks if she can come with Misty and her friends. Ash and Brock give the okay, and Sakura says she will tell her sisters after the next tea ceremony.

When asked, the four sisters are skeptical, but tell Sakura that if Ash and his friends can beat them in a three-on-three Pokemon battle, she can leave. The first round is Vaporeon vs. Misty's Poliwhirl, which is a stalemate until Poliwhirl is taken out by Vaporeon's Aurora Beam. The second round is Jolteon vs. Pikachu.

Team Rocket interrupts the match. They have five cages, each designed for an Eevee evolution. Sakura tries to battle her Eevee against James' Victreebell, but her Eevee loses and is captured. Ash holds Victreebell off with Chikorita while Misty's Staryu knocks Arbok and James into two of the cages. Then Chikorita throws Jessie and Victreebell into another cage together. Meowth retreats into the final cage to protect himself. Umbreon crashes through the cage to free Eevee, then Staryu and Vaporeon send Team Rocket blasting off again.

The battle resumes, with Pikachu easily beating Jolteon. The third round is about to start when Sakura says she has changed her mind about leaving. After everything she's seen, she realises that she's not a powerful enough trainer and would just be in the way. She wants to stay and have her sisters help her train.

The three friends decide to head to Olivine City because it's on the beach. They bid farewell to Sakura and her sisters and leave.

By: Audrey