Episode #182 - All That Glitters

Ash and friends are resting by a river, and Ash is polishing his four badges. However, something is watching them from the bushes. They notice movement in the bushes, Togepi goes to see and reveals three Murkrow. The Murkrow act friendly and put on a little show, but suddenly they snatch Ash's badges and fly away.

Ash demands that they return his badges but they refuse, so he sends Noctowl after them. Unfortunately Noctowl is no match for the three Murkrow, and they get away. Ash and Pikachu swear they won't stop until they get the badges back.

The Murkrow land nearby and rejoice at the success of their trick. Brock brings out Golbat, who finds the Murkrow playing in the sun with their prizes. Misty thinks that the Murkrow like shiny things. Ash tries to be nice and asks the Murkrow again to return his badges, but they knock him down and fly away.

Golbat chases them and attacks, but is brought down by the trio. Then Pikachu zaps them and they fall, but before Ash can retrieve his badges, Pikachu is captured by Team Rocket! They float away in their balloon with Pikachu in a cage. The three Murkrow appear, and begin to attack Team Rocket, searching for anything shiny. Eventually they poke a hole in the balloon which causes it to lose air and crash. Ash frees Pikachu, and James discovers that his precious rare bottle cap collection is missing. Realizing that the Murkrow stole them, he charges at the Murkrow but he trips. The Murkrow laugh at him and fly off before Pikachu can attack. Fortunately they dropped some of their trinkets, including three of the badges, but they still have the Fog badge. The chase is on again!

The Murkrow land on top of a cliff to watch what their pursuers are doing. James uses a net gun to try to catch them but the net snags a rock, which falls off the cliff and drags Team Rocket down with it. The three Murkrow laugh again, then gather around a rock with their shiny objects.

Brock says that they'll have to be very smart to outwit the Murkrow, since they've obviously had a lot of experience working as a team to do these tricks. Ash retorts that he and his Pokemon know about teamwork too. He owes all his badges to them, and if someone steals a badge from him, they're stealing it from all of them.

Ash uses Bulbasaur's Vine Whip to climb up the cliff, and tries to sneak up on the Murkrow. He manages to grab the badge, but the Murkrow attack him. He slips, drops the badge, and falls back down the cliff along with Bulbasaur and Pikachu. Ouch.

Next, Ash and Misty hide in the bushes with some shiny dishes, hoping to attract the Murkrow's attention while Brock lowers Pineco down to get the badge. However, Togepi's spoon gets stuck, and when the Murkrow see it, they realize that it's a trick and attack Pineco. The badge is lost again and Pineco blows up in frustration.

Then Ash sends Noctowl to try. It flies up to the top of the cliff and stands there. The Murkrow wander around it, wondering what it's doing. When the one that has the badge gets close enough, Noctowl snatches it and flies away! The Murkrow give chase, but then all four Pokemon are blown to the ground by a giant robot Murkrow!

It's Team Rocket again, back to catch Pikachu. They activate a giant vacuum which sucks up all the trinkets but not Pikachu. James starts to go through the pike of junk that's now inside the robot, searching for his bottle caps. Jessie starts the blower again and the Murkrow are about to be blown away, but Ash catches them.

Noctowl recovers and takes on the robot by itself, but Pikachu is captured by a robot arm. Then the Murkrow decide to help out, and join Noctowl in attacking the robot. With James still looking for his bottle caps, Jessie tries to aim the blower at the flying Pokemon but they're too fast and eventually the robot's legs seize up. One of the Murkrow frees Pikachu, and he sends Team Rocket blasting off. All the shiny trinkets fall to the ground and Ash finally gets his Fog badge back.

Our friends say farewell to the Murkrow, suggesting that perhaps now they'll try to help people out once in a while instead of being tricky.

By: Audrey