Episode #183 - The Light Fantastic

Our friends are walking through a very dry region, and have run out of water. Team Rocket is following them, also out of water. As they pause for a break, Brock sees some mysterious lights in the sky. According to the map there's a Pokemon Centre nearby, perhaps they can get some information there. Team Rocket follows them.

They reach a ruined city made from giant logs. According to the guidebook, this is where the ancient Colossal Tree Tribe lived. Misty notices a carving of a water Pokemon, Nurse Joy appears and says it's a Remoraid, which haven't been around since the lakes and rivers dried up.

Joy explains that long ago the Remoradians as they are called, built a huge city from trees, but as the trees got used up the land dried out and became unliveable. However flowers are now growing in shady places which gives some hope that life is returning. Brock flirts with her but she's more concerned about Pikachu and invites them to the Pokemon Centre to rest. Team Rocket disguises themselves as archaeologists.

The water at the Centre is delicious, and Nurse Joy shows them that it comes from an underground lake. Every 12 years the river runs again and refills the lake. A man arrives, and is introduced as Mr. Gangoh, an artist. Every 12 years since he was young, he has come here to try to draw a picture of the lights. Ash mentions he saw the lights earlier and Mr. Gangoh becomes excited.

Joy gets a map and calculates the position of the source: Remoraid Lake. Legend has it that Remoraid are very hard to catch and can survive a long time without water. Team Rocket appears in disguise, with Meowth wrapped up like a mummy, and offers to help solve the mystery. Just then, Mr. Gangoh sees the lights in the sky again but they vanish before he can decide which colours to use to draw them. They all decide to go to the lake to invistigate the source.

As they approach the lake, the surroundings become grassy. Evening falls as they reach the lake, and discover a giant crystal tower in the middle of the dry lakebed. Team Rocket sneaks off to see if it's diamond, but discover that it's ice. Apparently the sun reflects off the ice during the day and creates the light effect. Since ice is worthless, they'll catch Pikachu instead.

James grabs Pikachu with rubber gloves and Ash prepares to battle, but Mr. Gangoh releases his own Pokemon, a Venusaur that sends Team Rocket blasting off with a Solar Beam attack.

When dawn comes the lights return, and water begins to spout from cracks in the lakebed. Dozens of Remoraid appear and use their Water Gun and Ice Beam attacks to build the ice pillar higher. Misty tries to catch one but they bunch up into a group, and her Pokeball won't work because it can't catch more than one at a time.

A net comes down and scoops up all the Remoraid, it's Team Rocket again, in their balloon. Ash is ready to help but the smart Remoraid use their Water Guns to cause the net to slam into the balloon. Team Rocket blasts off a second time as the net breaks and the Remoraid fall back into the lake.

The ice pillar melts in the sun and the river runs again. Nurse Joy hopes that one day life will return to this dry land. Mr. Gengoh never got to make his picture but he tells Ash that their experiences today were worth more than just a picture. Our three friends continue on their journey.

By: Audrey