Episode #184 - UnBEARable

Ash and friends are walking through a forest. Misty is nervous, and Brock says the guidebook tells about scary Pokemon living around here. However they each have different ideas of what's scary: Brock says Gengar, Ash says a grumpy Snorlax, Misty says Ariados.

Team Rocket is in the forest too, very tired after working all day at a nearby construction site. James wants to go back for the night shift, but Jessie spots a corn field and gets an idea.

Evening approaches and the gang finds an abandoned cabin where they decide to stay the night. As they bed down, something watches them from the bushes. During the night Misty wakes Ash saying she heard something outside. Brock wakes up and they all go outside to check, but don't see anything. When they come back inside they find a very cute Teddiursa curled up in Misty's blankets. She starts going on about keeping it, but nobody notices the evil look in its eyes.

In the morning, Team Rocket has set up a stand for selling roasted corn. The gang passes by and Ash buys corn for them all, but as they leave Teddiursa notices the cart full of corn next to the stand and has an idea.

Later our friends stop by a river for lunch, and Brock cuts up a ham. When Misty calls him over to help her pick up some firewood, Teddiursa eats the ham and shoves the wrapper in Totodile's paws. When everyone returns and notice that the ham is missing, Teddiursa pretends to be upset and indicates that it was Totodile's fault. Misty scolds Totodile, but Ash isn't so sure, even though this looks suspicious. Totodile gets angry.

Without the ham, they make some soup instead. Various foods keep disappearing. Then Teddiursa runs off with some sausage links. Brock grabs the end and follows the trail into the bushes, but Teddiursa wraps the sausage around Chikorita before they can see. Misty is again fooled by Teddiursa's charm, and Chikorita runs off in a huff.

Ash follows his Pokemon and apologises. When everyone gets back to camp they see Teddiursa grab a loaf of bread from Brock's backpack. It hears them approach and tries to frame Bulbasaur this time, but the trick doesn't work. Misty begs it to tell the truth but it gets angry and takes off with Brock's backpack.

Soon Teddiursa finds Team Rocket, who have made a lot of money with their roasted corn scam. They recognise it, and it tells them (with Meowth translating) that it doesn't want to hang out with the kids any more and wants to be Jessie's Pokemon instead. Jessie is charmed, and as she and James plan what to do next, Teddiursa steals the last three ears of corn that they were saving! Meowth realises that this Teddiursa is more crooked than they are, but before they can catch it, they are chased away by an irate farmer whose corn they stole.

The gang is still looking for Teddiursa. Brock wants his backpack because he had the guidebook and other important stuff in it. They find a Pokemon Center, where Nurse Joy explains that she knows about this thieving Teddiursa and suggests they all resume the search together. Meanwhile the Teddiursa is sitting down eating the corn it took, when Team Rocket appears in their balloon and captures it with a net. However, Teddiursa slashes the net with its claws, and defends itself amazingly well against Arbok and Victreebell. Eventually it pricks a hole in the balloon and Team Rocket blasts off.

Then the gang and Nurse Joy find it. Brock demands his pack but Teddiursa refuses. Ash sends in Chikorita, and despite a fierce fight from Teddiursa, Ash disables it. Brock reclaims his pack, but suddenly Teddiursa evolves into Ursaring! Everyone runs away.

Later, Nurse Joy says she's glad that it evolved, because now it can't charm anyone and will have to find its own food. Besides, nobody would bother an Ursaring. Our three friends depart.

Team Rocket is still in the forest, with only a pot of popcorn, because the farmer made them give him the money they made. The Ursaring appears and scares them, but Meowth thinks it's only lonesome and wants company. As Jessie and James celebrate having a new friend, Ursaring gets a familiar evil look in its eyes.

By: Audrey