Episode #187 - Freeze Frame

Our heroes are at the base of Snowtop Mountain, looking for the elusive Articuno. Brock says it'll be hard to climb because Snowtop is icy all year round. Noctowl hasn't seen anything while on lookout, but Golbat leads them to a frozen Jigglypuff. Ash has Cyndaquil thaw it, and it indicates that it saw Articuno up the mountain.

Team Rocket is climbing the same mountain, in an effort to reach the top before the kids do and set a trap for them. However they're attacked by a flock of Spearows and fall.

Todd takes a snapshot of a pair of Stantler before they reach a Pokemon Centre, where a sign says that this Centre is the highest one in the world. There they are greeted by Officer Jenny. Inside, Ash has an idea about putting Articuno to sleep using Jigglypuff so Todd can take all the pictures he wants. Todd says he wants to take his picture of Articuno at its best: powerful and majestic.

Nurse Joy comes in and explains that she knows about the Articuno, and shows them a statue outside. Legend has it that Articuno rescues stranded travelers, and has nests in all the highest, coldest places in the world. A traveler's diary states that he and others were in fact rescued by an Articuno.

On the mountain, Team Rocket is stranded on a ledge. Jessie hollers for help as a snow squall hits, and something approaches them from the snow.

Back at the centre, Joy finishes her story by saying that three travelers that had been helped by Articuno long ago brought the statue as thanks for their rescue. The kids have fresh resolve to climb the mountain, but Joy says it's too dangerous. Then Pikachu and Jigglypuff sense something coming, and in a blast of cold and snow, Team Rocket lands at their feet in a pile of snow. Once inside, Todd asks what happened, and they explain that they were picked up by something and brought here. Todd immediately leaves, hoping that the Articuno is still in the area so he can get his picture. Ash goes with him. Brock and Misty realize that they can't get far without the proper clothes and take off after them with heavy gear.

Having overheard the conversations, Team Rocket leaves too, pledging to make the biggest capture in Team Rocket history. Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny enter the room to find everyone gone, and notice that Team Rocket has stolen Jenny's snowmobile. Worse, there's a snowstorm headed for the mountain.

Now properly dressed, the kids move on, but more snow stops them. Articuno hovers in front of them, and Todd realises that it stopped them because they were about to walk over the edge of a cliff. Todd gets his camera and is about to snap a photo of Articuno when something attacks it! Team Rocket appears and sends their Pokemon to attack. Articuno blasts them with its Ice Beam but Wobbuffet counters it. The blast slams into the mountainside, triggering an avalanche that hits Articuno, Ash and Todd, who all fall into the ravine. Pikachu and Jigglypuff leap down after them. Another gust of wind blows Team Rocket away and forces Brock and Misty to retreat to the Pokemon Centre.

At the bottom of the ravine, Ash and Todd recover, surprised that they survived the fall. Perhaps Articuno helped them land safely? Then Articuno itself lands in front of them as Pikachu and Jigglypuff arrive. Ash has to stop Jigglypuff from singing. Team Rocket crashes down, and quickly goes on the attack. Ash tells Articuno to escape, but it uses its powers to block Team Rocket's attacks. Finally it uses a mighty Blizzard attack to send Team Rocket blasting off, along with the unfortunate Jigglypuff.

The sun comes out and sparkles off Articuno, and Todd is able to get his prized picture before Articuno flies away. Then Brock and Misty arrive with Officer Jenny on a snowmobile and take them back to the Pokemon Centre. Ash and friends continue on their journey, but Todd stays behind to take pictures of the Pokemon that live in the mountains.

That night, Team Rocket is trapped in a cave and they're cold and tired. Meowth insists that they can't sleep or they'll freeze, but Jigglypuff shows up and puts them to sleep with its song.

By: Audrey