Episode #188 - The Stolen Stones!

Our three friends are continuing their journey through a rocky mountain pass. Misty is concerned that rocks could fall on them, so they hurry through. Suddenly a few boulders come crashing down, but they are rescued at the last moment by three Arcanine.

The owners are a tall girl named Ramona and her younger brother Keegan. Brock flirts with Ramona and is dragged away by Misty. Ash's Pokedex says that Arcanine are legendary Pokemon and evolve from Growlithe with a Fire Stone. Keegan actually has a bag of Fire Stones, and says they're prizes for a fire Pokemon tournament in the next town. He and his sister run a delivery service with their Arcanine. Since their destination is on the way to Olivine City, they offer Ash and his friends a ride.

They ride on for a while, although Brock has a bit of trouble hanging on. During a rest break, Ash helps brush the Arcanine, and Keegan gives him a riding lesson. Then a huge rocket falls out of the sky and crashes in front of them, and an extending arm reaches out and grabs the bag of Fire Stones. Ash's suspicion turns out to be true when Team Rocket appears. Meowth uses another extending arm to grab Pikachu, but an attack by one of the Arcanine frees him. Then Team Rocket attempts to get away on a bicycle.

A chase ensues. When the Arcanine surround the bike, Team Rocket stops. The Arcanine are unable to stop so quickly and slide further down the road, and fall into a trap hole. Team Rocket escapes as Ash and friends run up to help the Arcanine out of the hole.

Brock has Golbat track down the bike, but the trail splits, forcing the group to split up too. Brock, Misty, and Ramona follow one trail to a tree stump that has a bag on it. They all run toward it and fall into another hole. James gloats and rides away on a unicycle.

Ash and Keegan go another way and find Jessie holding a bag, but she wants to have a Pokemon battle for it. Ash accepts and wins easily, and Jessie tosses the bag away. When Ash and Keegan pick it up, they and their Arcanine fall into a hole. Keegan thinks his left arm is broken. Jessie uses another extending arm to grab Pikachu, and Ash is unable to climb out of the hole after her, because it's too deep.

Jessie and James rejoin Meowth who has the real Fire Stones, and head off to the boss. Ash and Keegan finally get out of the hole but Keegan's arm is too badly hurt for him to direct Arcanine. Ash says he'll take over, and after a few near mishaps, learns how to work with the Arcanine as a team. The chase resumes, and Arcanine picks up Pikachu's scent as night falls.

As Team Rocket sits down to a celebratory feast, Brock and the others manage to climb out of the hole with Onix's help and follow the scent of Keegan's Arcanine.

Ash and Keegan find Team Rocket and attack, but Wobbuffet counters Arcanine's attack and enables Team Rocket to escape in their balloon. Brock arrives, and Ramona's two Arcanine climb up Onix's back to damage the balloon, which crashes. Pikachu and the Fire Stones are retrieved. Team Rocket is still ready to fight, but Keegan's Arcanine is too much for Arbok, so they run instead. Ash gives chase on the Arcanine and catches up quickly, and Pikachu sends them blasting off. Misty wonders if Ash really learned how to handle the Arcanine so quickly or if it was just beginners' luck. Ramona reminds them all that they still have a delivery to do.

They reach the next town by morning and deliver the stones on time. Our friends prepare to depart. Brock tells Ramona that he wants to stay with her, but as usual, gets dragged away by the ear.

By: Audrey