Episode #189 - The Dunsparce Deception

Ash, Misty, and Brock are still journeying toward Olivine City when they come across a boy who seems to be looking for something. He introduces himself as Bucky and explains that he's looking for a Dunsparce. Recently, he and his family went away to visit his sick grandfather. When they came back, all the kids in town had a Dunsparce, so now he wants one too.

All the kids in town are playing with their Dunsparce. They decide to have a race and invite Bucky to use his Caterpie. Unfortunately the Caterpie finds the obstacle course is too much for it. Bucky returns it to its PokeBall to give it a break.

Team Rocket is nearby, but decide to ignore all the Dunsparce in favour of catching Pikachu.

Ash and friends tell Bucky that they'll help him find a Dunsparce, and release their Pokemon to search. After some time, Togepi finds one, but before they can catch it, Team Rocket appears! Chikorita, Totodile, Togepi, and Pikachu get trapped in a net that is reinforced so Chikorita's attacks can't break it. However Cyndaquil easily burns the net away. Meowth grabs the wild Dunsparce just before Totodile and Poliwhirl send Team Rocket blasting off.

Later, Team Rocket celebrates their capture of a new Pokemon, and come up with a plan to steal the rest of the Dunsparce from the kids. They lure the kids to the park and put on a show with Meowth and James dressed in Pokemon costumes. Then they unveil a machine saying they'll trade Moltres for their Dunsparce. Most of the kids hand over their PokeBalls.

Bucky is upset that he lost the chance to get a Dunsparce, but Ash cheers him up. When they get back to town they discover that all the kids are crying. Bucky's friend Timothy explains that two strangers offered to trade Moltres, but the PokeBalls everyone got were empty. Ash realises that it's Team Rocket that stole the Pokemon and says that he'll help to find them.

Team Rocket is having problems, the Dunsparce all escaped when James accidentally let them out of their PokeBalls. As they are trying to chase down the Dunsparce, the gang finds them. Totodile's attacks are repelled by Wobbuffet, but Ash and Misty team up to distract Wobuffet with Poliwhirl so Totodile can take it out.

James releases Victreebell but it chomps him, so Jessie sends out Arbok. All the kids combine their Dunsparce's attacks to knock out Arbok and send Team Rocket blasting off again. The kids are happy to get their Dunsparce back.

Suddenly the wild one appears again, and Bucky resolves to catch it. He sends his Caterpie to battle it, and eventually triumphs! Happy that Bucky finally caught his Dunsparce, Ash and friends continue on their journey.

By: Audrey