Episode #190 - The Wayward Wobbuffet

Our heroes continue their journey, but Team Rocket is waiting for them up the road.

Ash and friends meet two scientists that are testing a new indestructible Pokemon transport device. One of them asks Ash if he would mind letting Pikachu be the test subject, to which Ash grudgingly agrees. The pod locks with Pikachu inside, and only then do the scientists mention that there is only one key for this pod, which they don't have.

The two scientists then reveal themselves as Team Rocket, and escape under the cover of Weezing's smokescreen. The chase is on! Jessie hands the pod to Wobbuffet and tells it to run, but it trips and drops the pod before falling into the river and getting swept away. Worse, it has the key on a string around its neck!

Ash tries to open the pod but can't. Jessie suggests that they team up to look for Wobbuffet because no food or water can get into the pod and Pikachu wouldn't last long. However the kids are already gone before she finishes her speech.

They all follow the river downstream, Ash and friends on foot and Team Rocket in their balloon. They catch sight of Wobbuffet in the woods, and eventually meet up again at the bottom of a cliff. Wobbuffet is clinging to a branch partway up the same cliff, and it happily lets go when it sees Jessie. Unfortunately it lands on the roof of a truck that speeds by and is carried away again.

Team Rocket splits when a bunch of police cars show up. Officer Jenny says that the driver of the truck is a thief they are chasing, and Ash asks if they can go with her. On the road, Jenny explains that the man they are chasing is a master thief who uses a Golem to rob banks, and hears the story about Wobbuffet and the key.

The police try to stop the truck with a roadblock, but the thief crashes through it and the chase continues through the town. He is finally forced to stop at an open lift bridge, but the top of the truck opens up and he floats away in a Golem shaped balloon. Wobbuffet happens to be in the basket too, and when the thief tries to grab it, Wobbuffet uses its Counter move to send the thief flying out and onto the ground where the police catch him. Meanwhile the Golem balloon floats uncontrollably out of sight.

Team Rocket follows in their balloon and Jessie attempts to get Wobbuffet to return to its PokeBall. Unstable wind conditions prevent this, and Team Rocket end up damaging their balloon when they hit a building. Meowth goes up to repair the hole, but Wobbuffet leaps down from above and causes more damage. The balloon breaks, sending TR blasting off and Wobbuffet is thrown in the opposite direction.

The kids see Wobbuffet falling and Ash has Chikorita grab it with Vine Whip. The vines get caught on the bridge, and Wobbuffet falls into a motorboat that goes by, knocking the pilot into the water.

TR is downriver, lamenting about their wrecked balloon. They see the boat and Wobbuffet, with the kids chasing it along the opposite shore. Both Ash and Jessie leap into the boat, but when Wobbuffet turns around it breaks off the steering wheel. Jessie orders it to slow down, but it breaks the throttle too! The boat hits a Lapras-shaped tour vessel and Wobbuffet goes flying.

Meanwhile the thief is escaping on a motorbike, being chased by several police cars. The Wobbuffet lands on the back of the motorbike. The speeding motorboat is about to hit a bridge but Ash has Totodile stop the boat by using its Water Gun. The kids meet up with Team Rocket, when they find out that the thief has holed up in an abandoned building with Wobbuffet as a hostage. He'll give Wobbuffet back if he gets a helicopter to escape in. Jessie comes up with a plan while the kids try to sneak around the back of the building.

The thief is getting impatient when TR appears, having dug a tunnel into the building. They propose to let him escape through the tunnel in exchange for Wobbuffet. Instead he attacks them with his Golem. Ash appears with Totodile and battles with the Golem. The Golem gets the upper hand, but Totodile hides behind Wobbuffet who uses its Counter move against the Golem's Tackle attack. The Golem and the thief are flung through the wall into the waiting hands of the police.

Team Rocket tries to escape with Wobbuffet in their new Wobbuffet-shaped balloon, but Ash has Noctowl punch a hole in it to bring them down. The key finally falls off Wobbuffet, Ash grabs it and releases Pikachu from the pod. Team Rocket gets sent blasting off by a Thunderbolt, and Officer Jenny thanks Ash for helping catch the thief.

Later, the kids continue their journey. Team Rocket is stuck on a bridge, but Wobbuffet just stands there admiring the sunset and refuses to help them.

By: Audrey