Episode #191 - Sick Daze

It's a lovely morning and everyone is preparing for breakfast. Suddenly Brock collapses as he's cooking. Misty realizes that he's burning with fever, so she and Ash put Brock to bed, insisting that he rest today. He agrees and tells them that he has instructions in his notebook if they need them.

Outside the cabin, Ash and Misty realize how much they depend on Brock for things, and decide to do their best today while Brock recovers. Today happens to be the day that Brock polishes his Rock Pokemon, so they begin with that. Ash has Totodile spray Onix with water, and Misty although reminds him that Rock Pokemon hate water, Onix gets upset and chaos ensues.

Brock's dream of pretty girls is interrupted when he hears the yelling outside and he tries to get up, but Pineco and Golbat won't let him. He tells them he appreciates their caring.

Later, Ash goes out to find some fruit for lunch while Misty does the laundry. He notices that the apple trees in the area don't have any apples on them.

Team Rocket is in the forest, vacuuming up the apples into containers, which they plan to make into jam and sell it. Ash runs into them and challenges them, and they use their vacuum device to capture Pikachu. Ash has Totodile and Cyndaquil help him free Pikachu, and Team Rocket is sent blasting off. He sees the apples that TR left behind and takes some of them back to the cabin.

Brock wakes up from another dream of pretty girls, to see Ash with a plate of apples for him. He's feeling a little better, but decides to remain in bed for the afternoon.

Ash and Pikachu chop wood while Misty tries to follow one of Brock's recipies. However she puts far too much spice in it, and the stew turns out badly. Ash decides to skip dinner and even Misty admits that Brock makes cooking look easy. As night falls, they decide to sleep out on the balcony with the Pokemon so Brock won't be disturbed.

Team Rocket is back, they plan to wait until the kids all fall asleep, then grab the Pokemon. Jessie finds the stew kettle and they eat some. James and Meowth hate it, but Jessie actually likes it and she calls the cook a genius. They use a puppet that looks like Ash and a voice-altering megaphone to lure several of the Pokemon toward them, then capture them in a net. Ash and Misty wake up at the commotion but are too late to stop Team Rocket from running away.

Brock wakes up from a pretty-girl dream yet again. He looks out the window to see Ash, Misty, and the other Pokemon chasing after something. He thinks it might be Team Rocket.

Ash and Misty fall into one of Team Rocket's trap holes as TR floats away in a balloon. They use robotic arms to capture the remaining Pokemon, including Pikachu, which can't shock them without shocking the other Pokemon also. As they make their escape, Golbat appears and slashes a hole in the balloon, bringing it down and freeing the Pokemon. Brock is back!

Team Rocket attacks, but Brock battles them with his Pokemon, and Pikachu gets the last word by sending them blasting off. Misty and Ash are glad that Brock is feeling better.

In the morning, Ash and Misty wake up to discover Brock cooking breakfast. He's feeling better, but Misty suggests that he take a nap after breakfast just to be on the safe side. Brock does so, hoping that he can finally catch those dream girls.

By: Audrey