Episode #192 - Ring Masters

Ash and friends are passing through a village when they hear the sounds of Pokemon battling. They come upon a match between a Feraligatr and a Nidoqueen, which the Feraligatr wins. It then goes on to defeat a Heracross and a Granbull, which impresses Ash. They overhear the Feraligatr's trainer mentioning that he's ready to win the King's Rock. Misty goes starry-eyed over the Feraligatr because it's a water Pokemon.

Ash introduces himself and finds out that the trainer's name is Raiden. He is training his Feraligatr to take part in the Pokemon Sumo Conference, and he invites the three friends to stay and watch. The Pokemon Sumo Conference is a tournament where the Pokemon battle using only their strength and not special attacks. Ash wants to compete, but there's a rule that all entrants must weigh more than 80 kilograms. Immediately Ash calls Professor Oak and asks him to transfer Snorlax. The Professor asks for Noctowl in return, because he wants to study it.

At the tournament, Nurse Joy is weighing the Pokemon. Jessie and James enter dressed as sumo wrestlers, with Wobbuffet disguised as a Miltank. The "Miltank" just makes the 80 kg mark, so it is cleared to enter the competition. Jessie wants to win this competition as a matter of pride, because she's tired of losing. She and "Miltank" have a plan that can't fail.

Brock, Misty, and Ash attend the opening ceremonies, and it's announced that the winner will win the King's Rock and a year's supply of Pokemon food. The mention of food is enough to get Snorlax interested. Ash comments to Raiden that the Pokemon here look strong, and learns that these Pokemon have trained exclusively for this event. The Pokemon to beat this year is a tough-looking Blastoise.

In the first match, Jessie's "Miltank" goes up against an Ursaring. The Ursaring attacks, but the "Miltank" holds it off. Brock recognizes the Counter move right away, but the referee hadn't seen it and declares the Miltank the winner. However, the contest director lodges a protest, saying that he saw the Counter move used. Since Pokemon aren't allowed to use special attacks for this tournament, the Miltank is disqualified. Jessie gets angry and Team Rocket reveals themselves. They plot to steal all the Pokemon, but Raiden's Feraligatr sends them blasting off with a Hydro Pump attack.

The competition continues. In his first battle, Ash defeats a Poliwrath by having Snorlax bounce it off its belly. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is still in town. Having seen a sales opportunity by making fake souvenirs, they plan to go back to the stadium and make some money before stealing the Pokemon.

In the semi-finals, Raiden's Feraligatr defeats the Blastoise in a spectacular match, while Ash and Snorlax beat a Machamp. The contest director is impressed, Ash is the first rookie to ever have made the finals. Cheered on by Misty and Brock, Ash and Snorlax treat the crowd to a surprising victory over the Feraligatr. Misty is a bit sad that the Feraligatr didn't win, but she's proud of Ash too.

As Ash is presented with the King's Rock (a small crown-shaped trophy), Snorlax heads for the table bearing the Pokemon food and gobbles most of the food before falling asleep. Ash decides to transfer Snorlax back to Professor Oak because they can't afford to feed it.

Outside, Team Rocket approaches the stadium carrying bags of fake souvenirs, but the competition is already over. They walk away, dejected at having messed up again.

By: Audrey