Episode #193 - The Poke-Spokesman

As our heroes journey through some mountains, Pikachu is looking exhausted. A man tells the kids that there are minerals around here that absorb electrical energy. He surprises them all by talking to Pikachu in the Pokemon language and Pikachu seems to understand him! He says that Pikachu needs to be recharged and that they can go to a rest stop that he operates.

Team Rocket is at the rest stop, disguised as seniors. They need more money and Meowth has a plan to get some, but when they see the man and the kids approaching they hide.

The man tells Ash that he can use a bicycle that's hooked up to a generator to recharge Pikachu. As Ash pedals, the man informs Misty and Brock that there's a charge for the service, but since he forgot to tell them in the first place they don't have to pay. When Team Rocket hears that Pikachu is low on energy, they show themselves.

At that moment, Officer Jenny drives up. She addresses the man as Simon and says she's arresting him for swindling money from trainers by pretending to be a Pokemon interpreter. Simon protests, but Jenny's attention falls on Team Rocket. Suddenly smoke bombs come out of nowhere, and in the confusion both Team Rocket and Simon disappear. Ash becomes concerned about Pikachu who inhaled a lot of smoke, so Jenny drives the kids to a Pokemon Center.

Nearby, Team Rocket is hiding when they see Simon with some men wearing dark suits. They decide to follow them to see what's going on. Inside a cabin a man wearing a white suit tells Simon that he and his men are the ones who were the "interpreters" and offers Simon a deal. Simon refuses, saying that he wants only to help Pokemon and to understand them. Jessie and James think that the interpreter scam is a good idea, but Meowth is insulted that humans claim to understand Pokemon talk when he himself went to the trouble of learning human speech for real. Simon still refuses to help the gang, so the leader threatens him. Team Rocket decides to rescue him and worry about making money later.

Pikachu is recharging at the Pokemon Center, and Ash calls Professor Oak to tell him about Simon. The Professor is surprised and says that there's no mention in his books of anyone having the ability to speak Pokemon. Simon comes into the Center and explains to Ash that even if he can't speak Pokemon, he feels in his heart that there is some kind of understanding.

Simon tells a story about when he was a boy his father's farm was threatened by a storm. He was alone in the storm cellar when a Pidgey, Rattata, and Oddish began to talk to him and they could understand each other! They talked for hours, but when the storm was over and the boy went back outside, the Pokemon had disappeared and he never saw them again. Because of this he dedicated his life to trying to understand the Pokemon language. Perhaps he imagined the whole thing? Upon hearing this, Pikachu crawls out of bed to give Simon encouragement.

Then several Magnemite and Magneton appear outside and begin to drain the electricity from the Center. They belong to the white-suited man, who wants to punish Simon, despite Nurse Joy's pleas to spare the injured Pokemon inside that need the electricity. Fortunately Simon is able to talk to the Magnemite and Magneton, who stop their attack. He spoke from his heart, which is why they understood. The gang leader tries to order his Pokemon, but Pikachu uses his own energy to recharge the Magnemites, who turn on the gang and shock them as the police arrive.

Simon is prepared to be arrested, but Officer Jenny lets him go as thanks for saving the Pokemon Center. Team Rocket tries to make a quiet getaway in their balloon, but they fly into an approaching storm and blast off when they are hit by lightning.

The kids and Simon part ways in the morning, he is going on a journey of his own to continue trying to communicate with Pokemon. As he walks he sees a Meowth and attempts to speak Pokemon to it. The Meowth responds (in English) that it understands and that Simon shouldn't give up, then runs away. Simon continues on his way with a newfound confidence. Hiding in some nearby rocks, Meowth tells Jessie and James that it feels good to be a good guy for a change.

By: Audrey