Episode #195 - The Art of Pokemon

Our friends arrive at Whitestone, one of the most historic sites in the Johto region. Unknown to them, Team Rocket is following. Brock mentions that although the buildings here look like marble, they aren't. The people take great care in keeping the town clean.

Then they encounter three Smeargle who are busily scrawling all over the walls with their paintbrush tails. The townspeople, led by a large woman, blame the kids for the disturbance, but an old man arrives and says the Smeargle belong to him. He apologises and hands the woman a blank check and tells her to repair any damage his Smeargle have caused.

A reporter barges in and identifies the man as Jack Pollackson, a wealthy and famous abstract artist. He wants to go to the artist's studio to watch him paint, but Jack informs him that his Smeargle are his paintbrushes. Unfortunately he and his Smeargle haven't been inspired lately and can't paint anything of quality.

Nearby, Team Rocket reads a book about Mr. Pollackson's paintings. They must be rare and valuable, and therefore worth stealing.

Jack apologises to the kids and invites them to his place to clean up. The reporter and his cameraman want to go too, but Jack forbids them, saying that one can't truly experience art by looking at it through a television screen. At his house, Jack shows the kids a gallery of the Smeargle's paintings and explains that it takes a lot of talent and hard work to create a work of beauty.

Team Rocket shows up and threatens to steal the paintings. Meowth warns them that if they do that, the cops will be after them, so instead they snap photos with a digital camera and run. Jack tells Ash to let them go, because the originals are safe.

Later that evening, Team Rocket tries to print out their photos but the quality isn't good. Jessie says that a better way to create their masterpieces is to kidnap the Smeargle.

Back at the house, Jack explains to Ash and friends that when he was young he planned to go on a Pokemon journey but ended up making a partnership with the Smeargle. Lately though he has been unable to make out certain colours and fears that his age is bringing his artistic days to an end. Ash encourages him to keep trying.

Suddenly, the three Smeargle are captured in a net and hauled away by Team Rocket in their balloon! However the Smeargle leave a trail of paint for Jack and the kids to follow.

Team Rocket lands in a clearing and they give art supplies to the Smeargle and force them to start painting. The kids catch up and prepare to battle, but when dawn comes, Jack calls the Smeargle to him and heads back toward town. Ignoring Jessie's outrage, the kids follow him to find him directing the Smeargle to paint on a wall as the sun rises. The wall eventually ends up bearing a gorgeous mural of the town with the sun rising in the background. Jack tearfully thanks his Smeargle, he's found his inspiration.

It begins to rain and the mural soon washes away, but Jack says it's okay now that he and his Smeargle can paint again. The kids continue on their journey.

Team Rocket is floating in their balloon, looking over the incomplete Smeargle paintings that they have. Jessie gets an idea to make the paintings into a collage and sell them, but Wobbuffet comes out of its Pokeball, knocking the papers into the air and they blow away. So much for this money-making scheme.

By: Audrey