Episode #196 - The Heartbreak of Brock

Ash and co. are looking for the Pokémon center and query a passing woman- who, of course, Brock falls in love with. However she does not really come into the story, except for her saying the nearest center is ten miles away! With no choice, the gang camp in the park.

Whilst filling a pot with watere, Brock sees a Nidorina drinking from the fountain, and within seconds Nidorina's trainer appears and trips- to be caught by Brock. It happens to be a female, but when their eyes meet it is in fact her and not Brock that falls madly in love. She reveals her name to be Temacu- short for Teddiursa, Mareep and Cubone (she's supposed to be as cute as them, etc.) and within moments she begins to describe their wedding! Ash and Misty comment on this (and she says that one day they'll be married, too, which startles Ash).

Temaku's father soon appears, and following Temaku's requests the gang are brought to the father's Pokémon research lab to spend the night. Brock still isn't returning Temacu's affection, and in private Misty advises him- using various softball metaphors- that it's her or no one for him, and that he has to force himself to like her even if he doesn't.

The next day Team Rocket attempt to steal Pikachu and all the Pokémon at the laboratory with nets- they of course fail, but ironically as well as losing their wnated catch they hook an unwanted catch; the net in fact entraps Temacu! In a very Brock-like fashion she soon falls in love with James!...

Jessie devises a plan to exploit Temacu's immense foolishness toraid the laboratory, but Misty applies her intelligence and sees through their disguises, and so they fail. However in the resulting battle, Temacu (supporting James and Team Rocket instead of Brock and the rest) becomes injured.

It turns out that she recently attended her cousin's wedding and has become obsessed with love and marriage.When she awakens she instantly falls in love with the doctor who treated her- and he, unlike Brock and James, returns her love and proposes. She accepts. As our friends leave, Brock faces the walk with a great deal of confusion and pessimism.

Someone I know once suggested that Misty pulls Brock away from girls because of jealousy, rather than of sympathy for girls. This seemed possible before as Brock shows her no affection; however, her helping Brock in this episode disprove's my friend's sugggestion.

By: Andrew Brooks