Episode #198 - Turning Over A New Bayleef

Ash and friends are taking a break by a river, Brock is cooking lunch and Ash lets out his Pokemon. As Ash plays with his Pokemon, Bayleef gets excited and knocks him down with a Tackle attack. He gets angry and scolds Bayleef but Brock tells him to take it easy, Bayleef just evolved and doesn't know its own strength yet.

When lunch is ready, Ash takes some food to the table. Bayleef approaches him, then thinks that he'll scold again if she knocks him over, so walks slowly. She isn't anywhere near Ash when he tells her harshly to stay away from him. Bayleef gets upset and wanders off. In the woods she accidentally disturbs a bunch of Beedrill, and while trying to run away, falls into the river and gets carried downstream.

Ash and the others realise that Bayleef is missing and begin to search. Brock thinks she ran away because of what Ash said. When Pikachu picks up Bayleef's scent, they all follow it.

Team Rocket watches from the bushes and plan to catch Pikachu. Downriver, the injured Bayleef is found by an old woman and her Machoke. They bring Bayleef to her house and feed her some stew before introducing her to the other Pokemon, a Bellossom and a Skiploom.

The three friends are still looking when they see the woman's house and investigate. Going around back, Ash notices Bayleef in the garden and runs toward his Pokemon, but Skiploom stops him before he can step on the flowers. The woman comes out and Ash explains that the Bayleef belongs to him, but his Pokemon glares at him, obviously still angry. Ash is surprised but Brock says that Pokemon can have their feelings hurt just like people. He tries to apologise, but Bayleef responds by rapping his hand with her leaf and walking away.

Ash and friends have tea with the woman, and she offers to let them stay at her place until Ash and Bayleef have worked things out. She tells them that her Pokemon help her in the garden, where they grow flowers and herbs. Ash gets an idea that if he shows an interest in gardening, maybe Bayleef will like him. The idea doesn't work however and Brock says that one can't just chase after a girl. Misty comments that Brock should follow his own advice, to his embarrassment. Now Ash is sad and doesn't know what to do, but the woman tells him that if he genuinely cares about his Pokemon, they will sense that eventually.

Team Rocket is still watching; James wants to catch the Pokemon so they can grow a beautiful garden but all Jessie wants is Pikachu. They storm the house in a giant Bayleef-robot! After catching several of the Pokemon with a robotic Vine Whip, they deposit the Pokemon in an unbreakable glass cage and escape. Ash follows on foot and manages to leap onto the robot's back. Team Rocket tries to shake him off, but he clings on.

Determined to rescue his Pokemon, Ash throws himself at the cage repeatedly but it won't break, and he hurts himself. Bayleef realises what he is trying to do and starts to butt the glass from the inside. Eventually the bolts holding the cage come loose and the Pokemon are free! Team Rocket sees what's happening and tries to escape, but Pikachu and Bayleef disable the robot. Knowing that they have no choice, Team Rocket tries to fight their way out, but Ash's Pokemon send them blasting off again.

As the kids prepare to leave, Bayleef comes to Ash looking apologetic and Ash promises that he'll try to be more considerate of her feelings. Bayleef nuzzles Ash and gently pushes him to the ground - Brock says that it looks like Bayleef did a Body Slam attack all by herself, and Ash complements his Pokemon for such quick learning.

By: Audrey