Episode #201 - The Screen Actor's Guilt

As Ash and friends are walking through a large town, they see a horde of girls running down the street toward them. Brock thinks they're coming for him, but they run past, to his disappointment. Suddenly a man in a dark trenchcoat and sunglasses stops Ash and hands him a package before running away, dropping his hat. Ash opens the package, discovering a Smoochum, the pre-evolved form of Jynx.

Brock finds the man's hat and puts it on, whereupon the girls mob him, and Togepi gets separated from Misty in the crush. When Togepi and Smoochum are lured away by a robotic Skiploom, Pikachu follows them. Finally Brock takes the hat off, and the girls say "he's not Brad" and move away. Misty notices a nearby sign that's advertising an adventure movie, and Ash recognises the star as being the man who gave him Smoochum. At this point the kids realise that the three Pokemon are missing.

It turns out that the robot Skiploom belongs to Team Rocket, who capture Smoochum, Togepi, and Pikachu. Our heroes find them soon enough, and Ash uses Bayleef and Totodile to free the Pokemon and send Team Rocket blasting off.

"Brad" is in the streets looking for Smoochum, but the girls see him and try to catch him. A car driven by his manager picks him up and they drive away. The kids notice the car, with Brad in the back seat, and decide to follow it. They soon come to an arena where Brad appears to be holding a stage show today; the lineup outside is mostly girls.

Inside, Brad is talking to his manager. Brad doesn't want to do the show because he's too worried about his Smoochum. The manager wants him to give up the Pokemon, because Brad's tough-guy screen image would be ruined if people found out he had a cute Smoochum. Brad refuses, saying that his Smoochum was always there for him when things got rough. The kids get inside the arena, and happen to meet the manager who tells them that Brad no longer wants the Smoochum. Fortunately Brad overhears the conversation and is reunited with his Pokemon, and in gratitude he invites them into his office. Team Rocket is watching from outside, still hoping to catch the Smoochum.

Ash and the others agree to watch the Smoochum while Brad is preparing for the show. The manager finds two guards (who happen to be Team Rocket in disguise) and instructs them to escort the kids off the premises. The two guards get the kids and lead them backstage, where Meowth catches them in a net.

Brad returns to the office to find the kids and Smoochum gone, and realises that his manager has betrayed him. He runs off to search for them.

Meowth is having too much fun hurting the kids by jerking the net around and accidentally pulls the cord that raises the curtains. As the audience cheers, Brad runs onto the stage and demands that Team Rocket return his Smoochum. Weezing and Arbok go on the attack, but Brad avoids them with some cool acrobatic moves, and rescues his Pokemon. Arbok tumbles into Meowth who lets his cord go, dropping the net and freeing the kids.

Ash has Bayleef deal with Team Rocket, and Brad gets in on the action by telling Smoochum to stun them with its Lovely Kiss attack. Pikachu sends Team Rocket blasting off again, then Brad explains to the audience that this is real life, and Smoochum is his Pokemon. He doesn't care what they think. The manager panics, but the audience starts cheering for the Smoochum. It seems that Brad's career isn't ruined after all.

As our heroes get ready to leave town, they see another movie preview featuring both Brad and Smoochum. Ash comments that now Brad is Smoochum's co-star and not the other way around, because many women in the street now have a Smoochum.

By: Audrey