Episode #202 - Right On, Rhydon!

It's early morning, Pikachu and Togepi are playing when they spot something in a nearby lake. Pikachu wakes Ash, who comes out of his tent just in time to see a Rhydon burst out of the water! When Misty wakes up she doesn't believe Ash's story, how can a Rock Pokemon survive underwater?

A girl holding a Marill arrives and introduces herself as Pietra. Brock flirts with her as she explains that this particular Rhydon somehow learned the Surf move. She asks Ash where it went, and when he tells her, she says that she has been looking for it.

Pietra leads the kids to a tunnel in a hillside where Dugtrio, Sandslash, and Graveler are all digging. Pietra is trying to dig the tunnel through the mountain to make it easier to get to the next town, but water dripping from the ceiling disturbs the Pokemon. She hopes to capture the Rhydon and use it to complete the digging. Brock volunteers his Onix but it too is spooked by the dripping water.

Team Rocket is close by, a Rhydon that likes water would be perfect for the boss, so they come up with a plan to catch it.

Ash and friends follow the Rhydon's prints to the edge of the lake. Many apple cores are lying around, it seems that the Rhydon likes apples too. Behind them, Team Rocket gloats that they can use this information to set a trap for Rhydon, but when they see apple trees they get hungry.

The group follows a trail of cores to discover Team Rocket feasting on a pile of apples. The Rhydon appears and becomes angry to see someone eating its apples, so it sends Team Rocket blasting off. Pietra asks the Rhydon to battle her so she can catch it, but it runs away and dives into the lake. They release their water Pokemon to go after it, and it uses its Horn Drill underwater to create a whirlpool, forcing them to go back to shore.

Brock watches with binoculars and discovers that there's an island in the lake with lots of apple trees. Pietra theorises that the Rhydon liked apples so much that it overcame its fear of water to swim to the island. Team Rocket overhears this and beats them to the island, where they dig a pitfall trap. Unfortunately Wobbuffet falls into it before the Rhydon shows up.

The kids wait in the bushes, and when the Rhydon comes, Pietra asks again for a battle. It walks away, only to be trapped in a net and hauled off by Team Rocket in their balloon. Brock has Crobat bring the balloon down and it splashes into the lake, but Team Rocket has a Wobbuffet-shaped life raft that they use to continue their escape. Pietra and the others follow in her boat, and Ash gets Bulbasaur to free Rhydon. After Rhydon jumps into the water, Pikachu sends Team Rocket blasting off again.

Still determined to capture Rhydon, Pietra dives into the water and grabs Rhydon by the neck. Despite its underwater antics she hangs on until, exhausted, she collapses on the shore when the Rhydon surfaces. Finally the Rhydon agrees to battle her. Her Marill battles hard, and although at a disadvantage, it eventually uses its Iron Tail attack to defeat the Rhydon and Pietra captures it!

Later at the tunnel, Pietra releases her new Rhydon and it easily breaks through the rock and finishes the job. Our heroes continue on their journey.

By: Audrey