Episode #207 - Machoke, Machoke Man

Ash and company arrive in Cianwood City with Janina to pick up the medicine that Jasmine needs for her Ampharos back in Olivine City. Janina returns on the ferry while our heroes stay behind to look for the Cianwood City Gym.

They come across a man training with a Machoke on the beach. He gets thrown by the Machoke's Submission attack, and the kids run to see if he's okay. He congratulates his Machoke for its progress, and asks Ash if he's looking for the Gym. Ash tells him yes, and so the man leads them there at a quick march. When they arrive, a group of students come out and address the man as "Master": he is Chuck, the Cianwood City Gym leader. They all go inside for a huge meal that is served by Chuck's wife.

Team Rocket is in town, tired and hungry. Meowth smells food and they follow the scent to the Gym.

After the meal, Chuck and Ash have their Gym battle, a two on two match. Chuck's first Pokemon is Poliwrath, and Ash chooses Pikachu. However Poliwrath is much stronger physically than Pikachu and defeats him. Ash selects Bayleef next, and comes back strongly to beat Poliwrath. Then Chuck has his Machoke use a few Karate Chops on him, and Brock explains that this is a way to keep both trainer and Pokemon focused. Following this lead, Ash has Bayleef do a controlled Body Slam on him.

Team Rocket finds the remnants of lunch on a table and eat until they're full. Chuck's wife comes in and mistakes them for new students, and tells them to do chores before the afternoon snack. Lured by the promise of more food, TR cheerfully helps with the work.

Ash's Bayleef is at a disadvantage from the stronger Machoke, but with Ash's encouragement, she stays focused. Amazingly she's able to resist Machoke's attacks and turn them against it, and soon wins. Chuck is impressed, and presents Ash with a Storm Badge.

Later that evening Ash calls Janina. Jasmine's Ampharos is feeling better thanks to the medicine, but Jasmine herself won't be battling again for a while yet. Chuck suggests that Ash and his friends check out the Whirl Islands, which are thought to be the home of some mysterious Pokemon.

Meanwhile Team Rocket is sitting on the porch enjoying dessert, they're happy to not be hungry any more.

In the morning, our heroes board a ferry for the Whirl Islands. Misty wants to see some cute water Pokemon, Brock wants to see some cute girls, and Ash hopes to find a mysterious Pokemon.

By: Xeno Lugia