Episode #117 - A Sappy Ending

Ash and friends are walking through the forest, and sees a bunch of Heracross sucking sap from a tree. Butterfree were around them, picking up on their leftovers. Then they met Woodruff. He explained that the Heracross helps the Butterfree get the sap out, while the Heracross eats too.

But then, trouble came. A bunch of Pinsir came over to the tree, and scared the Heracross away. Now that the Butterfree and Heracross were all gone, the Pinsir were free to suck sap from the Heracross' tree. There is something wrong, Woodruff had said. Someone is stealing Pinsir's forest, and their sap. That leaves them with no choice but to steal the Heracross' sap.

The gang and Woodruff went to investigate by going to the Pinsir's forest. There they saw a Pinsir, larger than normal, sucking sap from a tree. It turned out to be a mechanical Pinsir made by Team Rocket.

A few days ago, Team Rocket was hungry, but couldn't find food in this forest. So they decided to try out the sap. They liked it, and decided to get a bunch of this sap and sell it for big money. So, they made a mechanical Pinsir to do the job of sucking the sap, and worked pretty well.

After Team Rocket told their story, they attacked Ash's Pokemon. Every Pokemon Ash used was too weak to defeat the huge mechanical Pinsir. But soon, the mechanical Pinsir exploded, and Team Rocket blasted off. The Pinsir, Heracross, and Butterfree were happy once again, and living in their own territories. In the end, Heracross decided to join Ash on his journey.