Episode #118 - Roll On, Pokemon!

Continuing through the forest, Ash and friends come upon a Donphan. Ash and Brock have an argument over who should be able to catch it. Just as it starts to wander off, Brock starts with Onix. The Donphan is able to roll and defeat Onix, so Ash tries with Heracross, and is successful in attacking it. Just then, a girl steps in saying it belongs to her and accusing him of trying to steal it. Brock comes right on to her to find out her name is Rochelle. All the Donphan in the area belong to this girl, so Ash can't catch any. Meanwhile, Team Rocket disguised as forest rangers are trotting through the area with a plan to steal a Donphan. They found out from some other guys that a Donphan can sniff out Amberite, a precious mineral in the area. They come across Rochelle training her youngest Donphan to try finding it. Without noticing what was actually going on rushed in to steal it and float away with their balloon. They try getting it to find Amberite, and James even gives it a shrub to snack on to make it like them better. It just can't seem to find anything. Rochelle meets Ash and co again saying her Donphan was stolen. Describing the theives as a guy, a girl, and a talking Meowth is sufficient for them to realize it was Team Rocket. Rochelle summons all of her Donphan with a whistle, and she really has a lot of them. They go to find the lost one. With success, they come upon Team Rocket and the Donphan. Team Rocket battle to stop them from taking back Donphan, but lose once again, to blast off. After recovering little Donphan, they see how an adult Donphan finds Amberite by smelling around and charging at the rock. Ash and Rochelle battle, Heracross against an adult Donphan. Ash loses, but puts up a good fight. They continue on their way, Brock in tears from leaving Rochelle.