Episode #119 - Illusion Confusion

Ash and gang are lost in the woods once again, this time it is getting dark. Ash heads off in one direction, sure of where he is going, but it ends up that they are lost. The forest they are in is presumably haunted as the trees suddenly have faces everywhere Ash and gang looks. A HootHoot appears and saves them by using a red light from its eyes to send the hauntings away. Gary appears behind the HootHoot and thanks it, then turns to the gang and tells them that they should get a HootHoot, bragging about how he "sized up the situation".

After Gary and HootHoot leave, Ash and gang continue on the path and run into a HootHoot. That HootHoot seems to like Misty as it rubs its head against Misty's shins affectionately while pecking at Ash's head when he tries to get close to the bird. The bird runs off and they follow it, Ash wanting to capture it. They follow the HootHoot into what seems like ruins.

They enter after the HootHoot and run into Hagatha. She explains that she owns a HootHoot renting service so trainers can get through the forest. The HootHoots can see through the hauntings, as Hagatha explains them as Pokemon, so trainers can get past. Misty deducts that Gary probably got his HootHoot from here. Hagatha allows Ash and gang to rent her HootHoot, but she tells them that it is her last HootHoot and only likes pretty girls like herself (and Misty) and the last trainer that had rented it returned after three days, half started and out of his mind.

Hagatha advises them to wait because the next day, the other rented HootHoots will return. Ash doesn't want to, explaining that Gary will get ahead of him and Ash doesn't want that to happen. Ash is sure that HootHoot needs a good trainer.

Team Rocket themselves are lost, James hanging over a map. They spot Ash and gang with HootHoot and decide to go after them. Spectral gasts surround the gang, but Team Rocket do not see a thing. HootHoot itself is scared and is unable to send them away. It tries for Misty, but fails. The spectral gasts form into one gast and scare Ash and gang, especially HootHoot. Team Rocket wonder what's up with them.

Ash scolds the HootHoot, but it doesn't work and it runs to Misty instead. Misty asks it to help them and itself, it agrees. A rope wraps itself around Pikachu, Ash runs after it, grabbing onto the rope with Team Rocket reeling them in. Ash crashes into a tree, making a silloutte of Ash crashing into the tree. Pikachu is tied up and placed into a cramped box. Team Rocket make a short getaway in a reeling-boat when the rope breaks. Pikachu is freed and HootHoot notices Pikachu's love for Ash.

Team Rocket start a battle, Jessie sends in Arbok and James sends in Victreebell. Ash sends out Bulbasaur, but HootHoot starts dancing around, distracting them all. Team Rocket spot a Dragonite and run after it, hoping to catch it. Ash and gang don't see a thing however. Then clones of Ash appear and they have to choose which Ash is the real one. It is all left to Pikachu who gets irritated and confused, sending out a powerful ThunderShock, figuring out the real Ash.

Misty is then surrounded by Gastly bugs and screams out. HootHoot tries to flee the scene, but Ash stops it. HootHoot then uses its special eye to send the fake Pokemon away. HootHoot reveals a ton of Gengar and Haunters, HootHoot stops their illusion and Bulbasaur Vine Whips them followed by Pikachu's ThunderShock to send them running. Ash is so sure of training HootHoot, but gets a peck on the head in return.

They finally make it out of there, meeting up with Hagatha's twin sister, Agatha. They call up Hagatha and say their goodbyes to HootHoot and Agatha. Team Rocket are sunbathing on a beach, how they got there is just an illusion with Haunter and Gengar having their fun with Team Rocket.