Episode #121 - Spinarak Attack

In the beginning of the episode, it shows Ash, Misty, and Brock walking down the street. A Pokemon dropped down from above, and Misty wondered what it was. It turned out to be a Spinarak, and scared Misty to death!

The secene changes to Team Rocket. They were dressed in black, even Meowth. They were pretendoing to be the Black Aracknids, buglars from long ago. The Black Aracknids was formed by a man and his Meowth. This Meowth opened doors with its claw, and used pay day to escape. As Team Rocket's Meowth tried to open a door with its claws, it failed. Meowth had broke a nail, but luckily, James opened the door with a paper clip. They went in, and took a valuable bowl. Some people discovered them, and so Meoth was about to do pay day to escape. But since Meowth can't do it, James had to throw bottle caps.

It was the next day, and Officer Jenny and her Spinarak were investigating the crime scene. She recognizes that these are the doing of the Black Aracknids, or people trying to copy them. Ash and friends rolled over in a ball of Sninarak web. They were untagled, and Jenny explained to them about the Black Aracknids. She said that long ago, her great-grandma used her Spinarak to catch the Black Aracknids. And today, she's about to use hers.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket is sitting on top of a huge clock. James was saying that his bottle cap collection is almost gone, and Meowth is eating out of the bowl they stole. Jessie had decided to steal someone else, and they're going to tell the person. That is exactly what the Black Aracknids did.

Officer Jenny and the gang arrived at a mansion, where a bald-headed man said that he has recieved a message from the Black Aracknids that they will steal his trophy at midnight. Officer Jenny knows that this is exactly what the real Black Aracknids did. So Ash let all his Pokemon out to keep guard outside the mansion, while Spinarak spun a whole bunch of webs.

It was midnight, and the man's trophy was safe. He treated Jenny and the rest to a big feast, and that's when Team Rocket came. They took the trophy, and went away on their ballon. Luckily, Spinarak's web had stopped them, and they were out of luck.