Episode #125 - Once in a Blue Moon

Ash and friends are resting down beside a river in Cherrygrove City. Ash is polishing his pokeballs with Pikachu, while Misty is watching Brock cook lunch. Ash quickly puts the GS ball down, and runs off for lunch, but Pikachu seems to have heard something! Just then, a Quagsire comes out of the water. Ash pulls out his Pokedex, and the group learns a bit about his new Pokemon.

Misty gets all excited, and decides she wants to catch it, but of course... Psyduck comes out. Both pokemon look at eachother for minutes, until Misty grabs Psyduck, and Quagsire quickly grabs the GS ball. As this water pokemon starts swimming fast up river, the group runs quickly after him. They know they are too slow for Quagsire, so Ash calls out Squirtle for some help. As the chase is still in motion, there is a little battle between these pokemon. Squirtle then uses watergun, and the GS ball flies out of Quagsires mouth, and into Pikachu's hands. Quagsire and Squirtle, still keep going at it, and Misty hopes for Quagsire to get weak so she can catch it.

Just then, officer Jenny pulls up. She says they are under arrest for disturbing the Quagsire special area, but it all ends up being a little mistake. As they are in Jennys office, just after they hung up with Oak, Jenny explains why the Quagsire took the ball. It turns out, that once a year, these pokemon swim down the river, from their homes in "blue moon falls," to collect anything that is round. Then, they take everything back up to their homes, and the objects float back to the city the next morning. Just then, Quagsire pops up outside. He is obviously still after the GS Ball.

Later, they are walking over a bridge in the forest, and Quagsire comes out of nowhere. He then jumps onto Ashs face, but Ash calls out Chikorita. Chikorita gets jeolous when it sees Quagsire on Ash, and starts to hit everyone with its leaf. Quagsire flies off, and chikorita jumps on Ash, as it has a little crush on him. Quagsire jumps out again, and grabs the GS ball. (Clip of Team Rocket walking by river) Team rocket sees Quagsire, and want to fight it. Then, a group of Quagsires come out and steal their pokeballs. Now, Ash, Misty and Brock are running up river to find the Quagsire with the GS ball. Pikachu then sees the four Quagsire that took Team Rockets pokeballs and the gang starts chansing them. Not far behind is Team rocket.

Later, they finally find "blue Moon falls" and there are about 100 Quagsire sitting there. The sky is dark, and the moon is full. Then, team rocket comes out, and grabs the Quagsire that is holding the GS ball. All the Quagsire start moving farther up stream, so Team Rocker grab all the Quagsire with a huge net. They notice the water pokemon left their pokeballs back on land, and get mad. They then also grab pikachu, but falls into Ashs arms. Ash calls out Bulbasaur, and he uses Razor Leaf on the net, and the Quagsire are all set lose. Team rockets balloon blows away, after it gets a whole in it. The Quagsire swim EVEN FARTHER up stream where Ash, Misty and Brock find the BIG waterfall. All the Quagsire are looking at the moon, which is exactly over the waterfall, holding their round objects.

They then throw their objects in the air, and use watergun to shoot it up to the moon. But of course it only makes it like 20 feet. The object of this is to see who can get the farthest! The Quagsire holding the GS ball, does it last, and gets the farthest. Then all the pokemon cheer. The GS ball starts heading down stream and the gang starts chasing it. Back in Cherrygrove City, it is morning and the townspeople are getting their stuff back in the river. The GS ball is THE LAST ONE, and Ash isn't there yet. Then, Ash Misty and Brock are running slowly, because they were running all night to reach the ball, but Jenny grabs it from the river as Ash is yelling "Please don't let it float away!" Jenny explains how he gets the BEST luck out of everyone, because his ball was the last one to come back to the city Everyone cheers, and Ash yells that he is lucky, and he will win the Johto League.