Episode #127 - Ignorance Is Blissey

Ash and friends are hungry, and goes to the Pokemon Center. There, they meet Blissey, the evolved form of Chansey. Blissey carried a few trays of food for Ash and friends, but sliped. The food got all over Ash. Ash is taking a shower, and Blissey offers to scrub his back. Blissey took a harsh broom and scrubbed Ash's back, causing him to scream. Now Ash is on a strecher, his back all red. Blissey then put some rubbing alcohol on Ash's back, and he screamed again.

Nurse Joy wakes up from her sleep, wondering what had happened. She screamed when she saw Ash wrapped in bandages, and apologizes for Blissey's behavior.

Team Rocket was also hungry, and also goes to the Pokemon Center. There, they also meet Blissey (what a coincident!). Jessie found out that Blissey was her old friend. When she was young, Jessie learned to be a Pokemon nurse in a Chansey school, a school she got into on accident, probably. She helped a Chansey in many ways, but Jessie failed the class. Today, this Chansey evolved into a Blissey, and is a Pokemon nurse. Blissey gave Team Rocket food.

Blissey was about to be punished by Nurse Joy, but Team Rocket said that they took the food so they can get Blissey off the hook. Team Rocket was blasted away, and Ash and friends got a big feast.