Episode #128 - A Bout With Sprout

Ash, Brock, and Misty arrives at Violet City, and are looking for the gym. They see a little girl and boy playing with Pikachu. Pikachu isn't quite happy, and is about to shock the kids. Ash quickly took Pikachu away, thus shocking him. A woman comes out, calling Zackie and Lizy (the boy and girl). She is Miss Priscilla, a teacher at the Pokemon Academy, and the children are her students. Brock, as usual, falls in love with the teacher. He offers to teach the kids about Pokemon, and so they went in the school.

Once inside the Academy, a principle, dancing in a ballerina outfit, is introduced as Mr. Earl Durbish. Misty, a little concerned by the principle’s behavior, asks Miss Priscilla if there is anything wrong with him. Miss Priscilla replies by saying that she just loves people dancing with that kind of energy. Brock, quick to realize an opportunity to impress her, appears in the exact same outfit and begins to twirl in the exact same way as the principle. Once the class had been seated, Ash begins teaching ... so to speak! Being the modest person he is, Ash begins to talk about how he was in the top 16 in the Pokémon League. Zackie then asks Ash why they should listen to him if he wasn’t the winner. Having come to a bit of a stumbling block, our friends decide to go outside and release all of their Pokémon.

While the children are playing with the Pokemon, Brock spots a rather large tower not far from the Academy. Miss Priscilla tells our heroes that it is called the Sprout Tower and it so named because a single beam that sways back and forth supports it. As her class is going there later on this afternoon, she invites Ash, Misty and Brock to come along.

While all the other children are having fun with the other Pokémon, Zackie is seen trying to convince Pikachu to be his Pokémon but all of his rather annoying attempts fail. While Ash is trying to figure out a way to get out of this one, Zackie steals one of Ash’s Pokéballs and chases after Pikachu. As they have now left the confines of the school area, Ash wonders whether he should chase after them. Chikorita, meanwhile, is trying to grab hold of Ash’s attention, but he is a little preoccupied. Ash gathers up all of his Pokémon and goes after Pikachu, deciding that they will meet up later on at the Sprout Tower.

While searching for Pikachu in a nearby forest, Zackie spots him hiding behind a tree. He throws the Pokéball at him and it appears as though Zackie has caught Pikachu!! Ash, astonished, can’t believe what has just happened and after Zackie brags about his victory; he quickly grabs hold of him and demands Pikachu back. But before Ash has a chance to collect, they both fall into a hole that Team Rocket had dug. Upon finishing their rather boring motto, Team Rocket tells Zackie to hand over the Pokéball (as they too think that Pikachu is in it). But being a rather gutsy little kid, Zackie throws the Pokéball and tells Pikachu to use his thunderbolt attack, but instead a wobbly Bellsprout appears. James thinks that Pikachu’s sick (very funny indeed!) Meowth then comes up with the idea that if Pikachu thinks Ash is in trouble; he will come to the rescue. So, Team Rocket hide up in a tree and use phony voice megaphones (that sound like Ash) to lure Pikachu. Their plan seems to work but before they have a chance to capture Pikachu in a net, the real Ash tells Pikachu to run. Pikachu dodges the net and Zackie and Ash use it to climb out of the hole. Ash then tells Pikachu to use his thunderbolt attack and Team Rocket go flying off and end up landing on the Sprout Tower roof.

Meanwhile, inside the Sprout Tower, Brock, Misty, Miss Priscilla and the kids are looking at the swaying beam. Team Rocket, having overheard the conversation, realize that Ash will be coming shortly. James uses Weezing’s smoke screen to get everyone out of the building (as they think there is a fire). After everyone is outside, Ash and Zackie arrives. They see the smoke. It cleared up, showing Team Rocket. They then lured our heroes back inside, where they saw Arbok, Lickitung, and Weezing sawing the central beam. A rocket was strapped onto the beam. Meowth was holding a remote, and threatens to launch the rocket. Zackie uses Bellsprout’s razor leaf to knock the remote out of Meowth’s hands. Jessie orders Arbok to get it but Squirtle stops him with his water gun. Bulbasaur then grabs hold of the remote with his vine whip. Bellsprout then uses razor leaf to stop Lickitung and Weezing from cutting the beam. Team Rocket tries and makes their escape (they still have Pikachu) on the rocket by using the manual override. It appears as though the while building is about to blast off, but Bulbasaur and Bellsprout use their razor leaf attacks to free Pikachu and slice the ropes holding the rocket to the beam. Team Rocket end up blasting off.

All is well, even though the beam is almost sliced off. The gang continues their walk to the Violet City Gym.