Episode #131 - Tanks A Lot

Ash and friends were sleeping. A Sentret comes over, carrying an apple. While eating the apple, it wakes Togepi up. They both rolled down the hill. Then you see another Sentret, who looks larger than the one before, looking for something. It was the a mother Sentret, looking for her lost baby.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket were in their new Arbo Tank. It looks like an Arbok, and Meowth had named it. It is a powerful tank that costs a whole lot of money. They were planning to capture Pikachu with it. But Meowth noted that if they roll up in the Arbo Tank, they will wake up the twerps.

They got out of the tank to investigate. Togepi and Sentret were still rolling down the hill, and rolled right into the Arbo Tank. Accidentally, they started the Arbo-Tank. Then Ash and friends woke up, and noticed that Togepi was gone. Then they noticed the Arbo Tank, which was crushing everything in its path, nothing can block it.

Ash and friends and Team Rocket tried many plans to stop it, but all failed. They were finally able to stop it. Charizard used flamethrower to melt the window, and got both Pokemon out. The The Arbo-Tank exploded, and sent Team Rocket flying away. The mother and kid Sentret were together once again, and the gang moves on.