Episode #132 - Charizard's Burning Ambitions

Ash and friends are in a canyon, where they meet Lisa. She is a Charizard trainer, and lives with the wild Charizard in the Charisific Valley. Lisa called over her Charizard, Charla. Ash also let his Charizard out. Lisa said that she will let Ash and friends go over to the Charisific Valley. Charla carried Brock, Misty, and Lisa over to the Charisific Valley, while Ash rode on Charizard. Charizard had a hard time flying with Ash on his back, but got there anyways, on its feet.

All the Charizard over there looked very big, and Ash's Charizard was small compared to them. Ash's Charizard battles the wild two wild Charizard, one of them small, and one of them gentle. Still, it couldn't beat them. Charizard went out of control. So Lisa let the gang out, and locked the door. Charizard pounded on the door for a long time, and finally, Lisa opened the door. Charla beat Charizard then. Then Lisa closed the door.

Charizard stayed in the water. It didn't want to leave, it wanted to train. Night passed, and morning came. Charizard was still in the water. Lisa sees that Charizard really wants to train with the other Charizard, and agreed to letting it stay. Ash's cap covered his eyes (he always does that when he is sad), and decided to leave Charizard to train.