Episode #133 - Grin to Win!

Ash and friends are walking as usual, and they spot a town up ahead, and as usual, they go to check it out. Once they enter the town they notice that the weather is sunny and hot. Up ahead they see a house and outside is a beautiful girl. Brock has to meet her. They notice that she also has a greenhouse, and wonder what it is for. No sooner than spoken "Sunflora", three happy smiling Sunflora walk out of the greenhouse.

Misty notices that one of the Sunflora is not as happy as the others and asks the girl. She tells them that is the Sunflora she enters each year in the annual Sunflora Festival and that is has been acting sad lately. Ash and company ask her why everyone in the town seems to have a Sunflora and she explains that theis town is known for their sunny weather and smiling Sunflora. She also tells them about a contest held each year where they judge the best Sunflora and the winner recives a years supply of instant noodles. After a long day of chatting with the girl, Ash and friends decide to go to sleep.

They head to the nearest Pokémon Center. Team Rocket is in search of food and rare Pokémon, as usual, when the notice the greenhouse they decide to bring all the Sunflora back to the boss. So in go Team Rocket, Meowth shines a flashlight at the Sunflora, and wakes them up. Accidentaly, Meowth hits the alarm and a load noise goes off. Well, Team Rocket being as cruel as they are, abandoning Meowth and jet out of the greenhouse, leaving Meowth with a lot of Sunflora. During the middle of the night Ash and friends are woken up by a loud noise, they go to check it out. It seems some one has broken into the greenhouse. Misty purseudes the man to let Meowth go into their custody, that he belongs to them.

The next morning is festival day, Ash, Misty and Brock get Meowth to translate what the sad Sunflora is saying. Sunflora tells them that he misses his friend that lived down the street. The girl recognizes the Sunflora Meowth is talking about and they all visit the Pokemon Center where, as luck would have it, Sunflora's old friend is. After a few minutes of re-uniting, Nurse Joy tells the girl that she can bring her Sunflora to visit the other Sunflora anytime. With Sunflora smiling again they go to the festival.

The three finalist in the festival are the girls Sunflora, a huge Sunflora and a late entering Meowth dressed like a Sunflora. The judges really like the "Meowth" Sunflora. But Ash and friends know that it is not a Sunflora at all. Before Ash can say anything Team Rocket pulls out a remote and presses a button which raises 6 gigantic mirrors, ash Team Rocket shine the mirrors towards all the Sunflora, their heads become extremely large. Now that all the Sunflora have huge heads, Team Rocket can make their perfect getaway, with a years supply of instant noddles! But not if Ash can help it. He sends out Chikorita, Misty sends out Poliwag. Together they help to stop Team Rocket, then Chikorita does a Razor Leaf and cut Team Rockets Balloon. Now Pikachu breaks all the mirros, and the Sunflora's heads return to normal. The Girls Sunflora gets all white and before you know it, Solarbeam. Team Rocket blasts off again. The judged are impressed by the gilrs Sunflora and they award it first prize.

After the festival, Ash and company are about to leave when the girls stops to thank them one more time. Brock asks her for her e-mail, he wants to chat online. Misty grabs Brock by the ear and pulls him away. Ash, Misty and a teary eyed Brock say goodbye to the girl and her Sunflora, and head off to the next town.