Episode #134 - Chikorita's Big Upset

While on the way to Azalea Town, Ash has made a stop in a village to battle with a young trainer and his Raticate. Ash is using Chikorita; it gets hit several times and Ash tries to get it to return to its PoleBall but it won't. Brock says that Chikorita must be exhausted, and it obviously is, especially after dealing the Raticate a nasty hit with Razor Leaf. Ash want to replace Chikorita with Pikachu but Chikorita still won't return.

The other boy's mother calls him, so he recalls his Raticate. It's getting late; he won't wait for Ash to control his Pokemon so he leaves. Ash scolds Chikorita and says they might have won the match if it had listened to him.

Later at the Pokemon Center, Ash talks to Professor Oak on the phone and shows him his Zephyr Badge. The Pokemon are all eating except for Chikorita who just stares out the window. Pikachu offers Chikorita some food but it pushes the food away. Misty says they should start calling Chikorita "Krabby".

Nurse Joy comes in and offers to help, she has a degree in Pokemon psychology. Brock flirts with her and Misty pinches his ear to stop him. Joy invites them all to a counselling session. After talking about the earlier incident and Chikorita's behaviour, Joy says that Chikorita is jealous of Pikachu, but she's confident that things can be worked out. She opens the door to a greenhouse and suggests that Chikorita spend the night there in its Pokeball, since it's a grass type and would be more comfortable there. Pikachu watches, looking unhappy.

Later, when everyone is asleep, Pikachu gets up and goes to the greenhouse to take a look. Chikorita comes out of its Pokeball on its own, sees that a door to the outside is open, and runs out. Pikachu follows, and their exit is recorded by a security camera. Pikachu wants Chikorita to come back, but Chikorita uses its Razor Leaf on Pikachu and escapes into some thick grass.

Eventually Chikorita comes to an abandoned building, goes inside and goes to sleep. However it's awakened by a group of large fighting type Pokemon: Hitmonchan, Machoke, Hitmonlee and a Primeape who seems to be their leader. Chikorita doesn't seem concerned about this, which makes the Primeape angry and it attacks. Chikorita hits the Primeape on the forehead with Vine Whip and knocks it out; the other three are impressed and bow. Chikorita is the leader now!

Who's that Pokemon?: Hoppip

In the morning, Ash, Nurse Joy and the others watch the security tape. Joy says Chikorita ran away to get attention. Misty thinks that Pikachu went to get it back, and Ash is worried that Pikachu might blame himself for this mess. Nurse Joy warns of some tough Pokemon around the neighbourhood, and they all go out to search. Ash brings out Bulbasaur to sniff out Chikorita's scent.

Team Rocket is watching, and they plan to find Pikachu and Chikorita first and steal them. Meowth is up in a balloon, keeping in touch with a radio, he spots Pikachu with his binoculars.

Pikachu finds the abandoned building and calls to Chikorita but it won't leave. TR appears and they throw a net, but the Primeape grabs the net and the other three gang members confront them. TR bluffs that they aren't scared but Chikorita orders a demonstration of their strength, and Jessie and James are scared enough to bow down. Meowth uses a remote control to make a giant robot stomp on the ground, which raises enough dust to give Jessie and James the chance to grab ropes that Meowth drops from the balloon for them.

Chikorita orders the gang to attack the robot but the robot takes them all out. Then Chikorita decides to attack the robot itself, despite Pikachu's protests. The robot stomps again, sending Chikorita flying. Pikachu zaps; it doesn't affect the robot since it's made from recycled tires, but there's no protection for Jessie and James who are still hanging from the ropes and they get cooked.

Ash and company arrive on the scene. The robot picks up Pikachu in one hand and Chikorita in the other. Brock notices an antenna on the robot's head that must receive the radio signals from Meowth's remote. Ash brings out Heracross, which tries to sip the nectar from Bulbasaur's bulb but Bulbasaur whips it. Ash wants Heracross to use its horn to toss him up to the robot's head. Unfortunately Meowth sees him and moves the robot, so he falls back down to the ground.

Then Ash gets another idea and climbs up a water tower as the robot walks by, and tries to jump again. Meowth moves the robot, Ash misses his jump and falls, but this time he's saved by Chikorita's Vine Whip. Chikorita makes a big effort to haul Ash up to the robot's head, where he grabs the antenna and breaks it.

The robot goes crazy, Ash and his Pokemon quickly climb down. Then the robot grabs onto the ropes which Jessie and James are holding, preventing the balloon from escaping. Meowth cuts the ropes with his claws, leaving Jessie and James to fall down. However they land on top of the robot, which causes it to explode and send them all blasting off.

Ash thanks Nurse Joy for her help. Brock chats her up and Misty grabs his ear again. As they get ready to go, Pikachu hops up on Ash's shoulder, and Ash tells Chikorita that it can ride on his other shoulder.

By: Audrey