Episode #137 - Mild 'n Wooly

Ash and friends are sitting on a grassy hill, eating sandwiches. Ash chokes when he eats too fast, but is saved by Pikachu's thundershock. Then you see a Mareep running over. It jumps onto Pikachu, pressing it down. The Mareep looked happy. Pikachu shocked it, but it wasn't hurt. Instead, Mareep absorbed the electricity, and its fur grew larger. A moment later, tons of Mareep were racing towards Pikachu, trying to get electricity.

A little girl runs over, telling the Mareep to get off. The girl's mother came, telling the Mareep the same thing. It turned out that the girl's name is Mary. The mother appologizes for the Mareep's behavior, and takes them to their house.

In the house, Mary's mother scolds her for not watching the Mareep. She was thinking about an upcoming battle, where everyone in town can participate. Ash wants to go too, but he isn't a member of the town. For the rest of the day, Ash and friends helped Mary and her mom with the Mareep.

It was afternoon, and Ash goes outside with Mary. She challenges Ash into a battle with her Mareep, called Fluffy. Ash used Pikachu against her, but was about to lose. This is because Pikachu is exhausted from the whole day of sheep herding. Just when Fluffy was about to make the finishing move, it collapses. Mary wondered why, and Ash told her that Fluffy is worn out too.

There was a huge lightning storm at night, and Mary's mother woke everyone up. She and Mary and the whole gang walked out into the storm with the Mareep. This was the perfect chance for the Mareep to get energy from the lightning to get ready for tomorrow's battle. Just when they started absorbing the lightning, Team Rocket came and netted up the Mareep. They took Pikachu too. Pikachu escaped, and rescued the Mareep. Fluffy blasted Team Rocket off with a huge thundershock attack.

The next day, you see Mary standing in a stadium using her Fluffy against another Pokemon trainer. Her mom and the gang were cheering for her. The episode ends like that with the narrarator speaking.